5 Ways to Improve Farmville Performance

Since the day it was launched, Facebook has been one of the interesting things my friends found on Facebook. Recently I decided to find out that there was no attraction and no time, I got addicted too.

Farmville Performance
Farmville Performance

What I saw was that there were many rooms for improving performance. Loading your form actually becomes very heavy when your farm size increases.

Now there are 5 simple ways to help you improve your farmville.

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1. Increase your virtual memory – 

What happens, when you increase your farm, loading time increases, and likewise memory is needed. If you are getting “low memory” error, then you only need to increase your virtual memory.

Follow the simple steps:

A) Go to “Control Panel” and click “System”.

B) Select “Display” in advanced settings and settings options.  A display tab will open.

C) Click “Display Options” and click on the “Change” button

D) If it is not already selected, then click the “Custom size” radio button

E) Increase the amount of hard disk space allocated for virtual memory

F) Click on the “Set” button, then click “OK”.

Your computer will restart and you will go there!

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2. Check your flash player  – 

You might have noticed that a flash player plays an important role, especially when it comes to online games.

There are similar possibilities that your player crashes and you need to correct it.

What you need to do, just click on the “eye” in the “low” position to reduce graphics and get a better performance.

Click on “Settings” and uncheck the box “Enable hardware acceleration” and move the sliding bar to 10 MB or unlimited.

3. Install firewall on your machine – 

Many people suspect that whether the firewall is installed or not, it is highly recommended. Using firewalls can prevent programs from using your internet connection, and can speed up your internet traffic. Get a good firewall for your machine and enjoy safe and secure browsing.

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4. Remove viruses and spyware –

Viruses and spyware are gifts that the Internet gives to you to use it. Do not worry, whenever you take the risk of sacrificing your data, you can get rid of them. The overall performance of your machine is seriously infected with the virus and not only the farmville, but almost every program deceives you Starts up Install a good spyware remover and make peace of your machine peacefully.

5. Keep your machine up to date – 

Establishing an anti-virus capable of fighting against the virus is extremely important, try the average or Avira, not only will it remove the existing virus but also secure your computer in the future. Your browsing on the Internet is completely dependent on your machine’s configuration. Try updating and upgrading your machine as much as your budget and busy schedule allows you We will soon come up with new technologies on FarmVille,Happy farming!

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