Top 10 World’s Interesting First Jobs Were Done by the Billionaires

Life is not about finding oneself, it is about making oneself. Sometimes you do not believe that whatever is important to you is the end, which is starting, even then start is. You would be surprised to know that some billionaires once were working for the common people and used to distribute goods for their grandparents.

Here’s a list of surprises, your inspiration was once.

1) Washing Dishes in Chinese Restaurants – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Michael Dell

Net worth: $ 15.9 billion

How can you imagine the personal carmaker Deal, Michael Dale’s Cofounder and CEO, to wash the dishes at the Chinese restaurant at the age of 12, and when he was promoted to become water boy and was happy then in the same year She became assistant friend duo and then went to the Mexican restaurant, selling Haston Post’s membership on the phone.

Later at the age of 13 he went to the coin and stamp store and when people come to sell their rings or silver they try to negotiate with them to buy it at a good price. He originally invested to meet his hobbies, which is quite clear for the son of a financial adviser.

2) Computer Programmer Billionaire- World’s Interesting First Jobs

Bill GatesNet worth: $ 72 billionHarvard Leader, the richest man, a smart business man and Microsoft founder has won passion since his childhood, which started as a computer programmer for TRW in high school, doing a project in PDP-10 Was there.

3) Behind the Grill on McDonald’s – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Jeff BezosNet worth: $ 27.2 billionThe founder and CEO of was working behind the grill of McDonald’s, where he had to clean ketchup gallons from the floor, never had to work in cash register and today he is the biggest seller.

4) Newspaper Delivery Service – World’s Interesting First Jobs 

Billionaire: Warren Buffett Net worth: $ 47 billion The person with the most successful strategies of investment and chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the world’s ninth major public company was always looking for business opportunities and for this reason he started a pinball machine business in high school. His first job was running a newspaper distribution business on his bicycle, at the age of 13.

5) Starting a Small Company Called Facebook- World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Mark ZuckerbergNet Worth: $ 9.8 billionThe world’s favorite social networking website, Facebook’s owner, was his first job, which ever started as a student directory from the hostel room of Harvard University, which was used as a photo address book, Spread in school. A superb idea turned him into a billionaire.

6) Wrap and Sell Walnuts – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Charles Schwab

Net worth: $ 3.7 billion The man who is considered as steel industrialist and used the owner of the second largest steel producer in the United States, Bethlehem Steel, was searching for a jungle in his neighborhood for English walnut and used to sell it in a 100 pound sack. Was $ 5 And later he was carrying chickens, selling his eggs and at the age of 13, about 25 chickens were sold. He was 14 years old, he went on a golf and became caddy!

7) Kept on Grocery Store – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Oprah WinfreyNet worth: $ 2.7 billionWomen born from an unmarried teenage mother are living in poverty, when Tennessee University went on full scholarship, she came to a shop near the corner of her father’s barber shop, where she came in a corner shop, The customers were not allowed Later, he dived into the broadcast media working at the Nashville station, later moved on to television and became the youngest news anchor.

8) Parking Attendants in John Hopkins – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Michael BloombergNet worth: $ 31 billionMayor of New York belonged to a middle class middle class, went to John Hopkins and Harvard, the son of Bookper, and was working as a parking attendant while studying John Hopkins. He initially had a wall road job, he was working with Salomon Brothers, the Wall Street Investment Bank, and soon became a partner. Now that Bloomberg L.P. , Which has revolutionized the data security system.

9) Assistant Photographer – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Giorgio ArmaniNet worth: $ 8.5 billionIts founder and international Italian fashion house, especially for their men’s apparel, had once had a career in drugs, afterwards, due to their studies, they were moving towards the army and after spending overnight in the hospital, they Decided to pursue a different career. And then he got his first job in the Milan department store La Renancante where he used to show windows.

10) Lawn Mower – World’s Interesting First Jobs

Billionaire: Kevin PlanckNet worth: $ 1.35 billionChief producer of sports goods, CEO of Underwear, used to cut lawns in Maryland, at the age of ten, at the youngest of five brothers, for which he used to use $ 15 to $ 30 per lawn during the summer. He said that he ended up making $ 150 / week later he started selling bracelets in the gratified Dead Show.

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