How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Websites on Flippa?

Have you ever tired of your website? Do you have an unwanted website at your disposal? Or have you bought a website and now want to sell it? You can totally profit from that website. Websites are like businesses or properties and just like real estate, where you buy and sell land or property, you can also buy websites and sell them, and make a profitable business outside of it. A lot of people are making six figures from this business, and you too can. If you are interested, then the place to go is Flippa.

How to Make Money By Buying and Selling Websites on Flippa
How to Make Money By Buying and Selling Websites on Flippa

Here, we will talk about how to buy and sell websites on Flippa, and in some great ways associated with business.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is the world’s largest online market for buying and selling domains and websites (“flipping”). You can buy a website from someone like you will buy something on eBay. You can either sell it for more than the amount you brought for it, or you can reproduce it, add some value for it, and then sell it for profit, Flippa makes this process really easy , And lets you focus on bargaining and ‘adding value’.


Using Flippa is easy enough You sign up using a valid email account, fill in your information, and upload an image. A picture is important because people will have to deal easily with people who really feel adequate.

After the picture, you are now you can either buy a website or sell one when selling a website, it is important to remember that you should give a complete description of your website, along with some other information. Which we will soon discuss. The details are important, because potential buyers will judge a website with the details given by you, and not by visiting that site.

The process of buying and selling websites is quite simple but there are many people unable to sell their website or they are selling them for some peanuts. Here are some tips that will help you improve your profit, and there are possibilities to make a sale.

Tips for Selling Websites

1. Provide Analytics Data – Every serious buyer wants to see analytics on your website so they can not be deceived or misrepresented. They would also like to check whether the claims you are making are true or not. And most will not compromise for ‘easy’ analytics provided by sites like Alexa.

You will need analysis data from a more reliable service, such as Google Analytics Google Analytics provides a whole set of information and much more to visit demographics from specific visitors, so make sure that you use Google Analytics Has set up.

Most buyers will also look for analytics data from past moths. So if you do not have Analytics data available in your site, we say, in the last six months, we would suggest you set up Google Analytics, and wait a few months before selling the website.

2. Increase the Income of the Website – Make sure your website is earning some money, or at least when you have bought it since it is earning. Earning $ 50 a month is negligible, so you can forget about selling your website at this time.

You will only earn a few bucks from it. Work on the website for a few months and increase your income after that you can sell the website for a good profit. It takes time and effort, yes. But it pays well

3. List All the Details With Full Details – It is very important that you fill in the full details for your site. Tells the world that the less can be as low as possible. Also, provide information for any other property on your site, such as social media profiles, that the user will know what’s included in the purchase. Social media profiles will increase your price, which is good for you.

4. List of Your Top Keywords – In your descriptions, your site is being searched for a list of the top 10 keywords, how many monthly hits these keywords are found, to find the search version, you use Google’s Keyword Tool Can be used. 

5. Length of Appropriate Auction – Your auction length should be just right. Not so long, so that the interest of the customers can be reduced, and not too small so that everyone can see your listing. Generally, the 1 week period is best, some days or giving. 

6. Revenue Details – Along with Analytics, give your potential customers total revenue details. Also use your subscribers, email lists, CMS and share similar things. Show them your revenue details Some blogs keep quarterly earnings reports showing your visitors, you can do this to attract customers outside of Flippa. 

7. Capitalizing Names – This is a good practice to capitalize words into your domain name list, so that people can read names easily.

8. Proper BIN Prices – Buy Now the price can make or break the customer if you set the proper bin price, customers may be more eager to buy your site. Some people, however, set the crazy bin value, which removes potential customers. Please know that this is an auction website, not a bargain counter where you need $ 1,000 to get at least $ 500. 

9. Request Analytics Data – As mentioned in the first point, Analytics data is very important to never buy a website without seeing your analytics. It would be foolish to buy a second hand car without seeing a dictation or it would be a test to drive it.

As a buyer, you have the right to request analytics data from the site owner, request the data for at least the last 6 months, so you know whether the initial information about the traffic given to you was a normal amount or just A Momentary Spike.

10. Background Check – Always do your homework before buying a website. Check that it has a clear background or not use the WayBack archives for the site to see if it was previously not included in scams or spam, hate speech or racism and / or pornography. Any of these things can be a bad search engine ranking. 

11. Backlinks Check – Backlinks are extremely important for a website. You should always check where the backlinks of the website are coming from, because it usually comes from traffic (except search engines), your website’s search engine ranking, your site but depends on the quality of backlinks to a great extent. Bad posters will cause more damage with the help of your website.

These were the biggest tips for us. Hope they will help you in some way if you have any questions, just take them out, and we’ll be forced to help.

Harvilas Meena

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