How to Make Multiple Timelines on Twitter?

Now more Twitter is not looking to collect the best tweets to follow your favorite TV show! You can now customize the timelines so that people can find the latest information, tweets and pieces of choice about fast-moving real-time situations or their favorite TV show – only manipulation of product manager Brian Allen for Twitter Some are from the forum. There was clearly a few days earlier, referring to the intent of an exciting move, which kept the new public company directly in the area Storify’s territory.

Multiple Timelines on Twitter
Multiple Timelines on Twitter

This step is not completely ambiguous for your TweetDeck user, who has been able to create custom columns for the last two years. What changes are these columns are now portable! Timeline will be completed by the embeddable, just as Storify has. Everyone needs you TweetDeck for custom timelines, but those who do not have so far do not need to be sad, because in the next few days, Twitter will have to roll out everyone, so gear and learn to optimize.

Make Multiple Timelinee on Twitter

Make it, name it, select and share the best tweets that you want to use APIs manually or programmatically, and share what you think about an event or topic coming to Twitter or blog. Is considered the most notable in the world. There is a unique Permalink page in it, so feel free to share and shuffle them, embed them in your websites and place a place for everyone to follow for a long time. Follow the steps to create your own timeline

1) TweetDeck Users Create New Custom Timelines

TweetDeck Tool Kit now offers a new version! Create a new custom timeline by adding a new column of “Custom Timeline” type, which you can click on the “+” by clicking the add icon. Or if you already have someone, you can present them as columns

2) Select, Drag and Drop

It is very easy to do this until you make sure that you have to add. Choose your tweet – Whether you like it or not – if it’s in relation to your subject, then you can add it better. You have a custom timeline after a “move icon” appears on the Tweets. Drag the trick icon and drop it to the custom timeline column that you want to upgrade.

If dragging and dropping is not your type and it’s taking too long, you can add it to a custom timeline by clicking “Custom timeline …” for more time, or just press the shortcut “C” to select the custom timeline Do where you want it to land and enjoy the tweet on your true location.

If you think that the tweet is not actually, click on the “X” icon in the tweet to remove it

3) Share Your Custom Timeline

Share it from the Share menu in the column options Expand the column options for the custom timeline to access the Share menu.

4) Embed Custom Timeline on Your Web Site

The options given under the shares are mentioned in embedding it on a website. To generate and create an embedded custom timeline, present links to it

5) Share it

Share this by using a new tweetkey trick, which makes sharing easier, create a new tweet that has a custom timeline link, you can see the page for custom timelines and it can be used by any device Can share through

6) Access Custom Timeline

If you are not part of it then you do not need to scroll all the way to find a custom timeline. You can access it via tweeter on your profile card from other tweeter users. From there, it is easy to add any custom timelines as a column.


Although users are excited, but the tweeter has gone beyond expectations and is making tools like Storify, allowing users to compile content from anywhere on any site. So it will set tough competition in the field of tweets. In addition to attract new users, it has taken a great step to increase its visibility by embedding it on the web.

This product is clearly very fast on its development, but it should be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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