7 Things Every Blog Should Have

The web is full of websites and blogs In order to do business in this competition, you need a reader-friendly blog in the business world. Whether you have a business blog or a personal blog, you need functionalities that really help your visitors.

Blogger-Things Every Blog Should Have
Blogger-Things Every Blog Should Have

This post will help you throw Bell and whistle, and in fact you will be able to concentrate on things which are really the most important. From page to testimonials, there are 7 things that should be in every blog.

1.An excellent about page

Anyone who lands on your blog should not struggle to know about you. Under each blog post you should have a clear writer description. In addition to the author box, you should have a “About” page. The “About This” page should describe what you really do and what your blog is about

If you have the facility of providing some services, do not let your clients provide details about the services you provide.

2.Simple and easy to remember web addresses

Your domain name should be simple and easy to remember. Visitors should be easy to type in the browser. Try .com domains to use users to type domains with .com domains.

Do not use any special symbols like dashes or numbers. Become Smart With Selecting Your Web Address A domain name similar to the blog name is exceptionally good

3.Trusted Testimonials

Integrating testimonials can increase your conversion rates if you sell products or services, testimonials can help you establish your trust on your customers.

If you are not a famous blogger, then you should try to get testimonials from notable personalities.

Always remember, visitors will be happy to read the real testimonials and they can easily get out if any fake ones are included

4.Quality Content

Articles or posts are the backbone of a blog, having the best quality posts on your blog, you can remove your competitors online

Not to mention, that search engines as well as readers also like quality and fresh content. Sharing posts on social media will help you reach the right audience.

5.Good design and readability

Your blog design should not be clumsy It should be simple and easy to navigate. When writing your content, follow these tips to make your posts more readable –

Use bullet points.

Bold, italic and underlining to highlight important points.

Use simple and easy language

Write short paragraphs.

6.SEO – Things Every Blog Should Have

How good you are in social media marketing, there will be no time, with the efforts of your social media, you can get traffic on your blog.

Search engine traffic will come to your rescue. SEO expert does not need to rent SEO to your blog. You can do it yourself.

The use of keywords, internal links including ALT tags / text, etc. are the basic SEO practices.

7.CTA – Things Every Blog Should Have

CTA stands for “call to action” Always tell your readers what you expect them to use CTA can be used to ask visitors to subscribe to your blog, provide you with the services you provide Or you can be rented to buy a product.

Use call button, highlighted text, banner, video etc. to call attention.

over to you!

Are your blog all the things mentioned in this post? Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Harvilas Meena

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