Benefits of Cash On Delivery (COD) When Shopping Online

I’ve been shopping online for a while now, most of the things in my house come through online shopping, I do not take a mall or any item to buy in the shop.

The way the Internet has changed my shopping No longer shopping on the roads because everything is online.

Benefits of Cash On Delivery-COD
Benefits of Cash On Delivery-COD

After months of online shopping, I came to know about how much cod or cash delivery is, when you talk about paying for a product, the best option is there.

I have tried almost all other payment methods such as credit card, debit card, net banking, check, demand draft etc. However, none of them work better except for delivery or just COD.

Here are some of the benefits of cash on delivery payment system-


The first big thing about COD is trusting you can rely on the company because you are paying after receiving the product on your door.

In India, all major online shopping websites such as Flipkart, Jangong, Mentra etc. offer you cash on delivery which is very good.

I always order products from these websites on the COD. It is very safe and there is no question of the fraud or loss of your money.

Transaction is Hassle Free

The next big thing about this is that the transaction is very hassle free. You only have to pay cash and take your own product.

You do not have to worry about dragging your credit card or depositing cash by going to the bank. If you pay your credit card and forget to pay your credit card on time, the bank can charge a heavy late fee.

You pay only when you get the product at your door, so the COD option is best than the others.

Fraud Protection

Online shopping can be very dangerous because when you pay online through your credit card, you are more susceptible to credit card fraud. Net banking has similar risks.

You must be very careful while using your credit card or net banking online. However, with COD you do not have to worry about credit card.

Therefore, COD is very safe and you do not want to lose your money as a result of credit card theft.

Return the product and withdraw money

Many sites allow you to open a courier and test your product. So if you like a product or do not like it then you can return the product and get your money back, the product you bought.

The COD is very good compared to other paying methods. I used to do many times, whenever I do not like the product which I refuse to accept and they do not say anything.

Cheap Rates

Cash on delivery transaction methods is very cheap. Most of the online shopping companies in India, like Flipkart, do not take any extra money

Shipping fees are free. Therefore you pay only for the product, however, if you have to pay by other means like credit card transaction or demand draft, there is an additional charge to pay.

However, there is no additional charge in the COD.

Therefore, there were some benefits of cash on this delivery method. If you’re shopping online, always go for it.

Harvilas Meena

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