Reasons Why I Love Dropbox – And You Should Also

Dropbox was never my favorite cloud storage service. My favorite cloud storage services were SkyDrive (now known as OneDrive) and Google Drive. I always liked everything for Microsoft / Google because I did not want to depend on different companies for different products.

Reasons Why I Love Dropbox
Reasons Why I Love Dropbox

And, a good day, I realized that there is no good idea to trust only one brand for “all things”. how? Because Google has shut down Google Notebook and Google Reader (RIP).

And Google’s work is also on the verge of dislocation because they are no longer updating that service. In fact, they stopped very good Google products.

Today, I do not care how many brands I depend on. Instead, I just try to make sure they provide the best products in their range.

So, I changed Google Calendar with Sunrise, Google notebook with Google Notebook, Google work with toad, Google Drive with Dropbox and Google Reader with Feedly

It seems like Dropbox knows better than its rivals. It has the best user interface among all other cloud storage services. There are no unwanted features or buttons to confuse you, just “folders” which actually looks like a folder and it works!

Save to My Dropbox

When someone shares a file with you on the Dropbox, you can save that file in two ways: You can either download a copy on your computer or download the file directly to it on the Dropbox Save for saving (see screenshots). You can do the same on OneDrive but it is not as easy as it is on Dropbox.

On Google Drive, if someone is sharing a folder or a file specifically by inviting you, you can click on the “Add to My Drive” button to save a copy of that file to your Google Drive . But to my surprise, if it is public URL then there is no alternative to saving it in our Google Drive.

If I am wrong then that is exactly why they say, “Dropbox is simple!” Read: OneDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Other Comparison [Comparison] Conclusions I have used Dropbox for the web to prepare this blog post as it is a good chance that I live in a web browser.

Preview Files

You can see many types of files and documents inside the Dropbox without downloading them.

For example, you can see PDFs, text documents, PHP files (with PHP syntax highlighting), pictures etc. on Dropbox Web. Then, many files – like images, music, movies, presentations and documents – are also viewable on mobile devices.

Add comment

Did you know that you can now add comments to your Dropbox files? This is a feature that is unique to Dropbox and is now free for all users.

Just open a file on the dropbox and add comments to the sidebar. You can also inform any person about any change or information to inform them about

Note: You can add the details of files or folders to Google Drive by accessing your details (right-click on the file and click on “View Details”

Version History

Version History is probably one of my favorite dropbox features because it is completely different from Google Drive or OneDrive if you try to add a file already present in OneDrive, it will ask whether to change it or keep both versions is.

If you decide to keep both versions, over time it will create a lot of additional files.

And if you do this on Google Drive, it will only create both versions of the file (without asking) which is not desirable again.

Now if you add a file that is already present in the dropbox, then it will just replace the old file with a new file.

And you can easily restore the old version by checking “File History” (any file right-click to view its version history) of that file after the old versions of all files were deleted after 30 days Until you become a paid user,

Note: You can right-click the file on Google Drive and manage its version (up to 100 versions).

Therefore, you can manually upload a new version and Google will replace the old version and keep the old version for 30 days.

Cross-Platform Support

Dropbox works like magic on all platforms and it is available on almost all platforms. Windows (Desktop and Windows 8 Apps) is an official dropbox for Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Kindle.

No other cloud storage service provides this cross-platform support.

One-Click Sharing

Dropbox’s sharing feature is best for all your peers. For example, before copying the public URL to Google Drive or OneDrive, you will be prompted to select the visibility criteria on the Dropbox, you can get a shareable URL with one click.

You can right-click on any file / folder and to get its public URL “share That’s why it’s everyone’s favorite cloud storage service.

Reinstall deleted files

When you delete a file on Google Drive or OneDrive, it only goes to the Trash (known as the Recycle Bin on OneDrive) and the way you do it on PC or Mac Can restore it. However, there is no Trash folder on the Dropbox when you delete a file on the Dropbox, it is only marked for deletion and removed from all visible folders. The file remains in that position for 30 days and after that it has been permanently deleted.

It also means that all your deleted files are recoverable for 30 days. You can go to the event to recover a file that was recently deleted or you can click the trash icon at the top to see all deleted files in the folder.

Third-Party App Concentration

Drobox integrates with a ton of third-party applications. Of course, almost all other cloud storage services also integrate well with other apps, but the list is long for the dropbox, for example, the dropbox Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and now we can open files stored directly in the Dropbox from the office and even direct You can save changes to Dropbox.

I might miss the mobile-only feature (or even an interesting desktop feature). If so, please tell me as a comment below and if it is interesting, then I personally review it and will add it to the above list. So, who is your favorite cloud storage service and why?

Harvilas Meena

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