10 Underused Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers

If you are a freelancer then you will already know how important time management is, if you can not meet the deadline, you may fail to impress your customers with your work.

One of your most valuable assets as a freelancer is with proper planning, prioritization and scheduling, you can maximize your potential 10x freelancer. Read about 9 short time management strategies for serious freelancers.

1.Keep a Calendar

Create a to-do list and maintain a calendar. Carefully assign certain periods for specific tasks and avoid multi-tasking. Make sure you are not expecting more in less time and leave some free time in case of some urgent work pop-up. By keeping a calendar you are giving priority to your entire day’s work.

2.Make a Plan and Stick It

Always stick to the plan for planning your day ahead and it does not change. Be realistic and do not commit if you can get some new projects that can disturb your pre-scheduled schedules, “no”, if you do not have the time to do so, avoid agreeing to the jobs.

Your goal should be to create happy customers and deliver quality results.

3.Do Not Entertain Demanding Clients

If you think that customers are demanding too much of their demands, then it’s time to stop them. They politely know that their constant demands are failing, schedule them to respond to customers, tell them when you are available and ready for their needs.

4.Close Social Media 

Close Social Media-Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers
Close Social Media-Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers

Do not allow social media and e-mail to ruin your pre-planned program. Do not check your social media accounts and inbox every 10 minutes, if possible, open any tab in your browser, which you really need. Set the schedule for checking e-mail and social media accounts.

For example: You can see your e-mail 4 times in a day and 3 times in social media. Also inform your customers about these times so that they can try to catch you for live chat.

5.Be Quick Using Shortcuts

If your work involves using browsers or any other computer application, learn the shortcut. Shortcuts will help you work like a ninja, saving you precious time. Using shortcuts is one of the shortest time management strategies by which you can speed up your work flow.

6.Stay Organized

Be organized – Keep your work desk physically and digitally Keep away things that are not really needed on your desk or work desk, Manage your e-mail folders and file folders properly. The way to get organized is to make sure you backup all the information in a removable drive.

7.It’s OK to Say No

If you are busy working on the project stop, stop taking new projects. It is always better to avoid taking too much jobs at a time if you are working on many projects at one time, then it is likely that you can do the following.

If you are already committed to ending a task for the customer and for some reason you think that you are not going to meet the deadline, tell them that you will need more time. Be smart during the time-out stay, as soon as possible, if you are not able to give the expected results.

8.Jump Between Projects

If you choose to do the same thing if you feel exhausted or completely burned to avoid jumping between projects, then there are possibilities all day that you put too much emphasis. To keep your productivity high, switch between projects when you feel that you are fed up.

9.Take Regular Breaks

Even if your work load is heavy, then time to self-de-screen. Taking a regular break will keep you more energetic and increase your productivity too.

10.Over to You!

Do you have some more strategies to add to the list? What specific strategy do you use to keep yourself super productive? Let us know in the comments below.

Harvilas Meena

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