Earnings of Popular Websites-Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

We use websites for all different purposes, we use them so much that they have become part of our daily lives.

I have written to you this article to tell you about the most popular websites for which we love so much. Below are some wonderful facts about these websites that you do not know before.

We talk about our income this year, main business and how to earn money. I’m sure you know all about these websites

Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

So here is a list of the Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites.

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1.Google – Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

The first company in our list is Google Do you know that Google has reduced the US government, though they make huge profits?

Google Earning-Earnings of Popular Websites
Google Earning- Earnings of Popular Websites

This is the lobby for tax benefits and other exemptions. One of its founders is Serbin bin Russian origin.

  • Founder: Larry Page and Serbey Bin

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: Up to 19% by $ 15.4 billion

  • Core business: search engines, relevant ads

  • Main earnings stream: 96% of Google Adwords

2.Amazon – Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

Amazon Earning- Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites
Amazon Earning- Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

Amazon is the number one e-commerce and online retailing website in the world. It has a customer base of more than 3 million people.

Although Amazon is blamed for the poor warehouse situation with little profit for workers. We do not know these things.

  • Founder: Jeff Bezos

  • EST. Earnings in 2014: $ 19.3 billion by 23%

  • Core business: Online retailing

  • Main earnings stream: All types of retail goods

3.iTunes – Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

ITunes is Apple’s subsidiary and it was founded by Jeff Robin, it is available in 23 different languages

There are 43 million songs in iTunes iTunes Radio Stream Radio Station has a movie and other TV collections that you can watch on demand.

  • Founder: Jeff Robin

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: $ 4.5 billion, an increase of 12% from last year

  • Core business: music, cinema and TV programs

  • Main Revenue Stream: iTunes Music

4.Ebay – Earnings of Top 20 Most Popular Websites

Will eBay be the second largest ecommerce site after Amazon? Have you had eBay as a top website like Skype, Craigslist and even PayPal in recent years

EBay is linked to fraud and other charges. However, eBay India is very good in terms of services.

  • Founder: Pierre Omidyar

  • EST. Earnings in 2014: $ 4.3 billion against last year, down 25%

  • Core business: Online retailing

  • Main Revenue Stream: Online Retailing

5. Facebook 

Facebook-Earnings of Popular Websites
Facebook-Earnings of Popular Websites

Facebook founded by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a college acephomore, Facebook with 1 billion users has become much more in the year.

Recently, Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook has destroyed many other rival networking sites such as Google ‘Orkut and MySpace

  • Founder: Mark Zuckerberg

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: $ 3.2 billion

  • core business: Internet and social media

  • Main Revenue Stream: Contextual Advertising


The first Chinese multi-national ecommerce website, founded by Jack Ma, is the largest IPO in Alibaab history.

On September 5, 2014, the business started trading at NYSE at $ 92.70. The total amount of IPO for Alibaba is more than $ 25 billion.

  • Founder: Jack Ma

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: $ 2.61 billion increase by 45% from last year

  • Core Business: E-Commerce

  • Main Revenue Stream: Online Retailing


ESPN is the number one website for the game in the world. When it comes to broadcasting ESPN games then dominates.

Now it is also getting popularity online ESPN was established 35 years ago. Originally owned by Walt Disney Group.

  • Founder: Bill Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen, Ed Eagen

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: $ 11 billion in revenue

  • core business: entertainment and sports networks

  • Main Income Stream: Satellite and Cable Television

8.Travel Advisor

Trip Advisor was founded in year 2000. Website is free for the public. Trip Advisor has more than 25 brands such as TripAdvisor, Booking Buddy etc.

Did you know that more than 30 hotel chains have been blacklisted by travel advisers that travel advisers work in the world except South America.

  • Founder: Stephen Kaufer

  • EST. Revenue in 2014: $ 323 million up to $ 2 million

  • Core business: Travel services

  • Main earnings stream: Hotel and flight booking


Many of us believe that YouTube was invented by Google but this is not true. YouTube was founded by three people in 2005

Later Google acquired it, makes money with ads like YouTube Adsense, it’s the number one video site on the Internet.

  • Founder: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen

  • EST. Income in 2014: $ 1.13 billion from last year 39%

  • Core business: Internet

  • Main Revenue Stream: Adsense Ads


Yahoo is a search engine that is in decline. Yahoo has many products but the search engine remains its main product and it generates revenue through advertising like Google.

Yahoo has a large office in Bangalore, Yahoo is surrounded by many controversies.

  • Founder: Jerry Yang and David Filo

  • EST. Earning In 2014: $ 1.09 billion, an increase of 1% since last year

  • Core business: Internet and search engines

  • Main revenue stream: Online advertising


Priceline for booking hotel and air tickets is a great website but problem with website is that bidding does not include resort fees. So you can win a bid but compulsory resort fees can be forced to pay, which can be more than your bid.

  • Founder: Jesse Fink

  • Est. Earning in 2014: $ 2.1 billion, up 26.4%

  • Core business: Travel

  • Main earnings stream: Hotel booking and airline ticket booking


You can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix and you can pay rent and your Movies can be viewed anywhere, anywhere. Netflix is ​​available in more than 15 countries, although it is not available in India.

But if you live in America then you can watch movies and TV shows whenever you want.

  • Founder: Reed Hastings

  • Est. Earnings in 2014: $ 1.2 billion and $ 220 in profit

  • Core business: On demand Internet streaming media

  • Main revenue stream: Video rental and streaming

13.Best Buy

Best Buy is a retail website which is selling mainly electronics products. It exists in four countries other than the United States. In recent years, the company is not doing well due to tough competition by other companies like Amazon and eBay. The company is also related to lawsuits and litigation.

  • Founder: Robb Brock

  • Est. Earnings in 2014: $ 42.4 billion in revenues

  • Core business: Retail services

  • Main earnings stream: Mainly consumer electronics


Expedia Internet booking engine has been launched in 2001. If you know that Expedia was launched by Microsoft and it has become a multilillion dollar industry. In 2014, XPIAADA bought wotif.com for $ 610 million. Today, the company also accepts Bitcoin that you can book air tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals etc.

  • Founder: Mark Schroeder

  • Est. Income in 2014: $ 1.5 billion up to 24%

  • Core business: Internet booking engine

  • Main earnings stream: Airline tickets and hotel booking


GoDaddy number established in 1997 is a domain registration and web hosting company. Go Daddy has a huge presence in India. Still people like to buy domains from go daddy because it has a great customer service, its Alex rank is 83.

  • Founder: Bob Parsons

  • Est. Income in 2014: $ 1.12 billion

  • Core business: Internet domain registrar and web hosting

  • Main revenue stream: Domain registration and web hosting


PayPal website is owned by eBay, eBay acquired the website in the year 2002. PayPal has more than 150 million active user accounts. PayPal does not allow money to send, receive and hold money in Indian currency. But it allows in the other 26 currencies of the world.

  • Founder: Max Levchin, Peter Thiel

  • Est. Income in 2014: $ 986 million, $ 29 million up to the last quarter

  • Core business: e-commerce

  • Main earnings stream: Online Money Transaction


Orbitz is a website that provides travel services. Orbitz is mainly focused on the American market and it has no existence in India. Orbitz was open for the IPO in the year 2007. It was established in the year 2001.

  • Founder: Jeff Katz

  • Est. Earnings in 2014: Est. $ 937 million

  • core business: travel services

  • main income stream: travel booking


AOL is a search engine, mass media that includes top websites like HuffPost and other computer software technologies. AOL has more than 3.5 million customers worldwide. AOL has a large office in Bangalore; Some of the AOL brands are Moviefone, Engagdet, MapQuest etc.

  • Founder: Erik Prince

  • Est. Income in 2014: $ 606 million, up 12%

  • Core business: Internet and mass media

  • Main earnings stream: Media, subscription and search engine


Drobox One file hosting service established with more than 100 million registered users in the year 2007 is. If you want to use more space than 2 GB then there is a payment service. Dropbox will soon be a billion dollar company.

  • Founder: Drew Houston

  • Est. Earnings in 2014: $ 350 million

  • Core business: File hosting services

  • Main revenue stream: Paid subscription for Cloud Computing


Twitter is not popular as the last popular website Twitter Twitter in our list. There are more than 500 million users worldwide, but only 270+ million users are active Twitter with an affiliate company joining in 2006.

Founder: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams

  • Est. Earning in 2014: $ 448 million in 2014

  • Core Business: Social Networking

  • Main Earnings Stream: Advertising

These are the top 20 most popular websites with their earnings and other details. Although there are many people but we have listed what we liked.

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