Amazon Mechanical Turk – A Best Part Time Option

If you are looking for some common part-time jobs and if you are from Mumbai or Delhi then working on Amazon Turk can get you some real extra income.

Although you will not be able to make big cash on Amazon Mechanical Turks, but at least you can free all your monthly utility bills by working only 1 hour on this site.

As the name suggests, this is a concept developed by Amazon and it is most suitable for those who want to do some part-time job in Mumbai, Delhi or other cities.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - A Best Part Time Option
Amazon Mechanical Turk – A Best Part Time Option

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing market where a person can complete some small and simple tasks and can pay for those tasks.

There are many functions that are very simple but humans can not be fulfilled without them.

You can write a brief description about something like choosing one of the best pictures among many people, book a page on social media sites, identify some object, can complete a short survey And hundreds can choose the same small tasks.

You can pay 5 cents to 2 dollars or more to complete each task. Whenever you go to a website, more than 50,000 jobs or more are doubled.

You can find and find the tasks you like from the database and fulfill those tasks. You have complete freedom when choosing your favorite tasks.

Since these tasks are paid less and many people in countries like US, UK are not interested in doing such work, Amazon Turkey is very famous in India. From cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, more and more people are earning good money by working from home on Amazon Mechanical Turks (or simply MIT).

You can work around Rs. 4000 / – to Rs. 10000 / -. Many suggestions can make your work a lot easier after you have a good experience in your interface at mTurk, you will be able to make more money in less time.

To know everything about smartly joining and working on this platform, go to MTT Tips.

You can view your account at MTC while logging in to your account.

Your dashboard will show you the full figures related to your work, however, you can withdraw your income at any time after reaching more than $ 10, but whenever you want to withdraw your money, once every 15 days or monthly Recommend to withdraw your money as $ 4.

Amazon converts its dollar to INR with the current conversion rate and sends your money through check.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate.

Harvilas Meena

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