Network Marketing: Why Do I Recruit My Friends and Family

Network marketing business ruined my life

One Missed Goal

A few years ago, I went to a Bing, recruiting friends and family to join my network marketing business.

Network Marketing
Network Marketing

My blind ambition prompted me to make money against the rest of the others. I turned weapons, pushed the products, and tried to tamper with my way to the top with contempt for the relationship.

Finally, with money from the narcotics seen in darkness, I broke spiritual laws and lost almost everything.

The Company Died

In the mid-2000s, I went to a frenzy to recruit friends and families to join a special network marketing company.

To reduce my plans and earn potential, I paid the sign-up fee for my friends, the game was for me to reach a certain level, which guaranteed one-time money and privileges.

First of all, I followed all the instructions on my behalf and prepared a list of potential people to call a reported call, there were family and friends at the top of the list.

I bothered them, and this almost killed my relationships, not only did people reject my business presentations but rejected my phone call. The pure suffering became my company, the result was anemic.

Rather than making money, to compensate for losing friends who missed my business, the company operated the abdomen during less than two years of operation.

“I told you so much” became the avoidance among some trusted friends who remained. Other friends, I think that should have worked hard and danced on my grave before time.

I Was a Broken Man

When the company was transformed, I had nothing. The website they gave me was on their server; It got locked down under the company. My line line leaders changed their contact information.

They either left the city or changed their phone number. In some cases, they did both.

No website, line leaders, no friends and family, to offer support with no money, it showed me that the sky was falling.

For months, I went from one kind of depression to another to catch material resources, my only consolation was reading self-help books in the local library.

During that time, I came to know that I broke the spiritual rules. Unfortunately, most marketers break the law that they are smart.

To break the spiritual law to distort or spin the facts to make money.

While participating with their money, the prospects of publicity and alertness are wrong and unproductive. This will definitely come with a price.

That’s why here on the MoneyConxian, we will show you how to network marketing ethically.

A business that is built around the comfort of your customers and not you take money from them.

How to Do it Right

If you are in network marketing then how is your business rock solid?

Is your website hosted by your network marketing company?

Are you paying for the site that you do not control?

Are you sending traffic to a site that you are the nominee owner, which may be missing overnight?

You are making an expensive mistake that will come back to hunt you.

What you should do here. Get three domain names that you want to promote.

Someone should work as a blog, as the second ecommerce site, where you direct people to make a purchase.

Other domains to capture lead Yet to promote each other, the concert still, to maintain their own appeal.

People do not like to sell anything they like to be control, smart and free.

They want to find something for themselves, the moment it seems that they are being sold on something;

They become defensive.

To scale this wall of defense, your first option should be to sell them first through your blog.

Providing great content to answer all possible angles of objections, communicating with their reasoning, then when they feel comfortable shopping, they will happily leave their credit card.


There is nothing wrong with network marketing, this is $ 3 trillion jognart. Lovers are just making money with it.

Like any type of online marketing, affiliate marketing or marketing, you need the right tools.

If you are new or supporter in this and you are not making money, then this blog is for you.

We will give you, the right set of tools to make you money in the normal way.

To pursue a friend or family member, asking them to join their business or buy their products, there is a wrong way to do this.

It comes in the past.

There is no reason that the recommendation of network marketing businesses or products should trigger a stark contempt;

So far it does!


Bad Stuff

Look; Network marketing is otherwise known as MLM, it is a great idea but is stuck in operation in the soil. Just ACN, an MLM Co.

They can make money, but not for their full potential. Their only way through the worn procedure of possibility of recruiting family and friends from a decreasing pool.

Telling friends or family about any business or product is not a bad thing; Especially when done in a sensible way without any hassle.

After all, we do it all the time; When we recommend movies, restaurants and social forums.

Looking back at my terrible efforts in network marketing, which almost ruined me, I wish I had done things differently.

I wish I started with a blog, generated timeless material for genealogy.

I wish there was a squeeze page for generating leads without suffering my friends and family.

Last but not least, I wish I had an e-commerce site to sell my products without buyers through a product cooker.

That is how to do this with the class.

This article is contributed by Billy Morton, one of the top network marketing leaders from the US.

Harvilas Meena

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