Make Peace with Your Credit Card

Uncategorized Credit Card The way the Society divides itself from this small 85.60 mm to 53.98 mm plastic rectangle, you will be forgiven for thinking that it’s a celebrity lifestyle or a devil living in your wallet or wallet!

Credit Cards-Make Peace with Your Credit Card
Credit Cards-Make Peace with Your Credit Card

It’s probably not – but for both business and personal use, you provide just a tangible, contractual, transparent and convenient tool when you make your way through life.

Just imagine without them a moment for modern life.

The important thing is that if you do not have cash about your purchase, then the credit card allows you to pay for goods and services based on your promise of payment at a later date.

If you understand it, but you are the person who finds it easy to break promises, then the credit card might not be for you. It is a belief of fast that I believe that any and all the problems related to credit card are the source and the beginning.


Because in reality the nature of the credit card is.

Can you keep a promise? Yes or no?

Many different situations related to credit card usage are on the lines of continuity; Not all the way to reach the total personal financial recession, not by anyone’s ownership.

There may be other variations, but you feel like the number you get:

  1. Never credit card ownership.

  2. Become a credit card owner, but never use it, and never intend.

  3. Take a credit card and use it only for real emergencies, when cash is not available or practical.

  4. Use a credit card for real emergencies and regular groceries / urgent withdrawals, e.g. Fuel, food shopping, cosmetics

  5. Like number 4, but also for luxury and gift expenses.

  6. Number 5 is similar but use to withdraw cash (for fee).

  7. As soon as number 6 is maximized, start paying only the minimum and switch to using the second card.

  8. Number 7 is similar but using new cards and / or personal loans to pay outstanding credit on other cards and / or loans.

  9. There is no real clue how many cards you have, how much debt you have on either of them, or what to do about it.

You can see it till step 4, or maybe 5 steps on the push, provided you have the means to pay the balance every month, you are using credit card well.

When you start to take advantage of the benefits like payment security, discount, air mile, cash back and reward points, it can be more sweet.

With step 6 you have tipped on the dark side and are starting to lose control.

I know people, because I believe that you also do that, who have worked at every level of this continuity for better or worse, it proves to me that this card is not – this is the person who uses them Does it

Credit card is neutral If the credit card is pure evil then people who use them should have trouble in debt.

But they are not. Why?

Here is a simple 4-point strategy to effectively use a credit card, as many people do every day, and maybe do this indefinitely to give chance. Remember most things are kept in the best place in life!

  • Pay the balance outstanding each month.

  • Communicate with your partner; be honest.

  • Track closely and as soon as you find that you are using them to pay for things you can not afford – STOP!

  • Do not use it again until you get control.

You must be thinking, “Ah but money, it is easy to do.” What about it? “In that case, you can also blame yourself for making fat, to make the car unfit, even your children To make even poor!

Let’s not forget the dangers of extra alcohol and gambling which are deprived of lifestyle which you are entitled to and there is no use to blame the smart, tight advertisers – are you openly accepting that you Are the brain-deceivers?

Take full responsibility as an adult for your actions Anyone can cheat an honest man or woman – Remember what did you do while signing up for your credit card?

In the past, I have struggled with a big balance on the credit card, which I am not happy with – yes, I will accept it as my own loan spiral.

I know how it feels, and it’s not beautiful.

I am also honest to believe that it was entirely due to its thoughts and actions; I bought my mind for the irrational fad in the rush of the reality of growing problem and “luxury”. I could not find the word that I did.

I – not a credit card – was completely guilty. It was not an interest rate, charge, charge, peer pressure or a very small print … it was me

You have heard reports and rumors in the past few years that some successful entrepreneurs have been able to fund their early business endeavors by using a personal credit card pile

I was picked up. It is good for them and best wishes for them I say, but it is not very similar to fulfilling your clothes to maximize your card, which you will never wear. With a pre-considered credit card, really can be a convenient money tool.

Harvilas Meena

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