What is Turkopticon Toolbar? How to Use This in mTurk

If you are one of the mTurk employees and your mTurk earnings are very important to you, then Turkopticon Toolbar can play an important role in your life.

Turkopticon Toolbar
Turkopticon Toolbar

mTurk has become the best place for many companies to get thousands of small tasks done by many skilled mTurk workers.

There are thousands of people all over the world who are partially or completely dependent on Amazon Mechanical Turks and are doing some good earnings from this. Thanks for the good requesters in mTurk.

But bad comes bad. There are such requesters, who reject their work, despite having received the full task properly from many workers. So many people who complete the work for such requesters lose their income. And many workers who are now trying to create a good rating in mTurk and started to impress, were impressed.

It is very important to ignore these bad requesters in the Amazon Mechanical Turk. You must check the reputation of each requestor before accepting your work.

One idea is to join mTurk forums where you can ask other mTurk workers who have worked with the requestor and have to ask about its reputation. But this will be a bit difficult every time, you want to work with a new requestor, you have to login on the forum and contact other workers.

Another easy way to check the reputation of any requester is to install the Turkopticon Toolbar.

What is Turkopticon Toolbar?

Turkopticon Toolbar is a Firefox extension that shows the requester rating given by other mTurk workers before accepting the work from that requestor.

Just look at how Turkopticon Toolbar shows you the rating of the requesters. When you install the Turkopticon Toolbar in Firefox, after each requester and clicking on the arrow, a red arrow icon appears, it will show you the requester’s rating.

So when you browse hits in the Amazon Mechanical Turk, simply click on the arrow and it will highlight the reputation of the requester given by various mTurk workers. Average rating below 2.5 to 5 means that you need to avoid that requestor and that rating, so that you can consider working with that requestor.

How to Install Turkopticon Toolbar?

Installing Turkopticon Toolbar is very easy. This toolbar is available for Firefox and Google Chrome, so if you want to use Turkopticon, you have to use either Firefox or Google Chrome. Firefox is much better.

Download Turkopticon for Firefox from here

Download Turkopticon for Chrome from here

So now there is no worry about rejecting your good work. Enjoy completing the work and pay for all your work. If Turcopicon helped you in some way or in another way, share your experience.

Harvilas Meena

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