Top 10 Places for Street Shopping in India

I like to travel all over the world. Although we ignore our country. That’s why I decided to travel to all over India and some of the best places for road shopping.

The reason for this article is that we spend a lot of money on shopping. We usually buy in fancy shopping malls that are valuable.

But if you can get better things with cheap prices from the road then why you need to go to the mall.

Here you not only get a better deal but also get excellent items that you can never find in fancy malls or plazas.

1. Goa

Goa is one of my favorite destinations; I like beaches, shakes, seafood etc. But apart from these things, you can also buy some road in Goa.

Arpora is one of the best places to make road shopping in Goa. It is famous for “The Saturday Night Market” where you can buy anything to kneel in clothes.

Goa-Places for Street Shopping in India
Goa-Places for Street Shopping in India

You also buy colorful clothes, leather sandals and other souvenirs. There are also Anjuna Floma Market and Arambol Road Market, where you can buy many beaded earrings, necklace, clothes etc.

2. Jaipur

Jaipur is also called Pink City, the second best place to make road shopping in India. When it comes to handicrafts and antiques, the pink city is actually the best one for city shopping.

Jauhar Bazar is surrounded by precious stones and mining work for its jewelery. You can also go to Bapu Bazaar for textiles and handicrafts. You can find other ethnic stuff like shoes, cushions, bed sheets, bangles etc.

Jaipur-Places for Street Shopping in India
Jaipur-Places for Street Shopping in India

3. Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as the country’s fashion capital. There are many places for road shopping in Mumbai. It depends on how much you are willing to spend.

The most popular area in Bandra and Colaba Causeway is Linking Road. Especially for shopping items like Colaba Causeway Slippers, such as Khhalpuris, pearls, bags, purses etc.

4. Kolkata

Your list should be in Kolkata ahead. The best place to start your road shopping is the new market. This is called good luck paradise because you can deal till the end.

You get spectacular Bengali sari at reasonable prices. You can also go to places like Dakewari Barastia (Handicraft), Grihaat Market, College Street and Bad Bazaar for street shopping.

5. Delhi

When it comes to Delhi, New Delhi and Old Delhi are also there. Old Delhi is really great if you want to go for road shopping.

In old Delhi, you can see Chandini Chowk where you get traditional clothes, ornaments etc. at a very low cost. If you want to buy handicrafts, shoes, paintings then go to Can not Place, Janpath Market.

6. Kerala

Kerala is also known as God’s own country. Here is the most famous place for King Street shopping. This place is in Kochi in Fort Kochi. You buy items such as paintings, vases, watches etc.

Here you will find things related to the colonial era like French, Dutch, Portuguese etc. You can deal on Jewish Street and buy different items.

7. Bangalore

The next top spot to go for road shopping in our list is Bangalore. The best place to shop for road is commercial street. I have visited this place many times.

There are hundreds of shops in Commercial Street where you can buy everything on earth. This place offers a lot of things but it is really famous for Mysore silk.

Apart from this, there are many restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy your evening. You can also go to Brigade Road and MG Road for the best deal.

8. Lucknow

Lucknow is an ancient Indian city in which many tourist attractions and some good places for road shopping are available.

There is a Hazratganj market place for road shopping in Lucknow. The shops are up to 50 years old.

You can buy everything like clothes, jewelry and other accessories. You can also buy some fine perfumes in the world.

9. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the ninth place for road shopping in India. The best place to shop for shopping in Ahmedabad is Law Garden.

Here you can buy traditional goods such as handbags, clothes, shoes, etc. You can also see hand embroidery items here.

10. Pune

The last place in our list is Pune. Fashion Street Cantonment is the best place to shop for the city.

There are more than 400 stalls to shop from. You can buy things like clothes, shoes and decoration artifacts.

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