Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment From Home

There is no doubt that the data entry job is the easiest chance for the extra income.

People can work offline and online at the data entry job and earn $ 200 to $ 1000 per month.

Online Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator
Online Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator

Your income depends on the type of data entry, the time you spent, your qualification, your typing speed etc.

We will tell you about each data entry job that you can do without any investment home so that you can earn maximum from this job.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

Read about each data entry job so you know who is most suitable for you. You can start any data Entry Jobs below-

1. Captcha Admission Job

Captcha entry is one of the hottest online data entry jobs.

Although income is lower than other jobs but it is very easy and available to everyone.

You will be given a software where you will have to login with your username and password and then type captcha images.

You can earn $ 500 per month from this job.

2. Copy and Paste

Here you will have to copy the text content from a word or paste the file into Excel and other words or excel the file.

Although it is very easy, you need to be very careful.

Good knowledge of English is very important because you have to read and understand things.

3. Micro Jobs

There are many sites where you can join as a micro-worker and work on different types of data work.

One of the most recommended online data entry jobs for additional income.

There are dozens of sites which provide micro-jobs where you can work at least $ 200 + a month for simple work.

4. Survey Form

Filling the survey form is also a type of data entry.

Here you will have to fill out the online form provided by various survey sites.

Through this form, you give your feedback for a particular product, which helps companies design the best products for consumers.

5. Basic Typing Job

The first and the original data entry job is typing.

Here you have to type anything in excel spreadsheet or word document.

You do not need any special skills in addition to 30+ words per minute typing speed.

If your speed is less than this and you want to do this, then you have to improve the speed of reaching the 30 + WPM level.

6. Filling Out the Form

Data entry job-filled forms are not very common, but you can find them on the internet.

Here you will have to fill the simple form with the given information. Sometimes information is not provided and you have to find yourself.

7. Image to Text

Converting the next image into text.

Here you have an image file that contains text content and you have to write it on a word document.

To make it simple, you have to look through the image file and write it on a word document.

8. Medical Transcription

This is the most popular form of data entry job.

Here you have to be on the phone, and whatever you hear is written below.

So this is a bit different from regular data entry jobs.

You need great listening skills to listen and write it down.

9. Formatting

You have to format a word document.

Formatting is not as easy as it is seen.

You have to have full knowledge about work documents, things like indentation, etc.

10. Content Writing

Content writing is slightly different from regular data entry jobs.


Here you have to write articles and give it back to the publishers.


You need more writing skills than writing skills here.

11. Catalog Data Entry Operator

The listing data entry operator is about creating an inventory list in Excel spreadsheet.

There are several products in a list and you have to write it in your serial number, product name, number of stock in stock, Excel etc. in Excel spreadsheet.

12. Proofreading and Copilating

Proofreading and copy writing is also a data entry task, like content.

However, they are slightly different from regular data entry jobs.

Here you have to be good in English and do not require typing speed.

You should be able to read articles and discover mistakes.

13. Medical Coding

Medical coding is the data entry task where you have to type the codes of different products.

These products are different types of medicines.

You must be careful when entering those medical codes.

You need some experience to take this job.

14. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Payroll Data Entry Operator is to create payroll lists for various companies. Employee name, address in Excel spreadsheet.

Where to read the email and find out what their content is.

You may be asked to process thousands of emails in a day.

Job can be very exciting.

Here’s what you have to say to the company which can be asked to do anything.

The job is not specified according to the needs of the company and is not optimized.

You can be a job. So some of these data entry jobs were available on the internet and offline.

You need to prepare yourself to get more information about these jobs and to become a data entry operator.

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