Online Jobs Scam – How To Find A Website Fake Online Job Offers

Are you searching for some online jobs that can earn you money?

Do not pay anywhere or register anywhere, unless you read this article.

Online Job Scam-How To Find A Website Fake Online Job Offers
Online Job Scam-How To Find A Website Fake Online Job Offers

This article will educate you to understand the scams of various internet jobs and how to recognize them before paying the registration fee for any CD package.

So you have seen some websites, have read about various home based online jobs which are providing.

The website says, you can make more money or more income by working on these simple programs and it is very easy etc.

You are excited, want to start as soon as possible, but suddenly you know that the website is demanding money for registration.

And because you are desirous of online jobs, you pay the website.

After paying the registration fee, they will send you some username and password to reach the member area or send some CD or DVD packages.

To make you more comfortable, these sites also have the facility to send you your kit based on ‘Cash on Delivery’ so that you can pay while receiving the content.

You Paid Money !!

You want to start work and earn money through your kit, package or member area (whatever), but even after 1 month, 2 months or whole year, you have not earned anything.

You called them or emailed them. No reasonable answer or no answer.

And you thought that there is a scam on the internet.

No! No!!

Everything is not scam. It was your fault!

You did not educate yourself before buying anything.

The website said, ‘We provide simple and easy online jobs’ and you accepted. That was your fault.

It was your mistake.

You will get thousands of scammers and they will fool you again until you have the ability to identify them.

So, do you want to know how to identify the websites of these scams that provide online jobs?

Revealing Online Jobs Scam

Before giving the idea of ​​identifying a fake site, I just want to let you know that-

There are also real programs on the internet, which can earn good income.

You can read our story of online jobs to check how much money I am making.

There are very few sites that provide real information and you have to work hard to find these sites.

Not all sites seeking money are fake I will also explain to you.

Identify the site of fake internet jobs in just 10 minutes

So before paying anything on fake sites, you can spend 10 minutes to check the following points to know how to identify the scam site.

If not, you have to spend hours understanding what you have to do in your kit / package or your member area.

And I’m sure, even after spending months, you will not earn any money.

So get ready to check these 7 points in every site.

Have You Seen Any Real Person on the Site

Yes, you are paying your hard earned money but you do not know who you are paying for.

You must know the name of the website owner and his / her face.

Here are 2 simple points to make sure-

  • Check the ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page on the website, they should have their name, actual image, with a Facebook or Google+ profile link.
  • If you check the name of the website in Google, it will display the name and image of the Google+ profile in the result. Just like if you see your website name in Google.

Even if one of the 2 disappears, it means that their package is fake.

But if you do not see the owner’s name in the page or Google search result, then this is a clear indication of the online job scam.

They Provide Live Training for Their Online Jobs

If this website is providing fake and useless online jobs, then it is also the easiest way to identify it.

Call them and tell them that you are interested in live training.

I’m sure a fake site will not provide training because they do not know what to teach you in training.

The Site Owner Earns Money Online Himself

I find it very strange about scammers.

He has never earned any internet program, but he teaches the world how to earn money online.

I have been earning full-time income over the internet for the last 9 years and I have developed the best training package for online jobs, but still I give it free but the idea of ​​online income to these fake sites and they sell useless things for the world.

So if you are interested in some sites, ask the owner to meet you personally and show their online accounts where they are making money.

You Must Have the Owner’s Phone Number

Understand something from your package or member’s area. Check website review to find complaints.

Beans sites can not escape from it. If they have unsatisfied customers, they can get their complaints on various forums or consumer complaint sites.

If you examine the review of India’s online work, then you will make many complaints and scams related to India Online Workshop.

So how do you check their reviews and complaints?

Its simple just open and type the following keywords-

Site review name (eg, India Online Work Review)

  • ‘Site Name’ Complaints
  • ‘site name’ fake
  • ‘site name’ scam

Do not restrict your research to the first page only. Find each and every result even on the next pages.

Do not be fooled by positive comments on any relevant site because they themselves are fake comments written by the site because if the user is satisfied, then they will not go to any complaint site and write good comments and if he does this, then he will definitely will leave your phone number.

Proper Contact Details on the Site

If you are going to deal with a fake site or a trusted site, their ‘Contact Us’ page on the site can tell you by itself.

Most scammers providing useless jobs online do not want to reveal their contact details, but still you will find the ‘Contact Us’ page to actually look at your site.

But if you check the address correctly on the ‘Contact Us’ page, you will find that the address is incomplete.

They deliberately do this so that nobody can reach their office.

So, know how to know whether the address is incomplete or not?

If you read the address correctly, you will see 1 thing that they do not have ‘office number’ or ‘building name’ or ‘street name’.

Only 1 thing will disappear from their address.

Another way, you can confirm your address that by sending a courier or postcard to their address, write your mobile number and email in the letter and the courier has been delivered and to confirm that the address is correct, just email them Or ask to respond by SMS.

Check if they Provide Support for Online Jobs

It’s not surprising if you get some contact numbers on the website. They provide it to increase their sales.

They know, if people see contact numbers, then they trust the website.

There is no big deal to mention a phone number on the site. They provide it to handle inquiries after ‘sales support’.

That’s why you need to make sure that they will provide assistance after paying them for online jobs.

So how can you be sure before paying money?

Its simple, just note your phone numbers and call them.

Try to dramatize himself as an existing customer, such as “I’m trying to understand his package / kit and nothing but got nothing”.

Ask for guidance and clarification on “How to Work” on the phone. And I’m sure, they will not.

I tried to do this with 1-2 websites and I got the answer, which send your query to the email ID.

And it takes 2-3 days to find a descriptive answer.


I’m sure, if a website meets all 7 digits, then they are an actual website and you will learn your package or anything.

But if the website does not satisfy one or more points, then more likely to be fake. Beware of scams run by the providers of these online jobs!

Harvilas Meena

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