Top 10 Freelance Job  Websites of All Types of Freelancers

During the global recession, freelance jobs are the best way to make additional income from home by working on top Freelance websites.

Top 10 Freelance Job Websites
Top 10 Freelance Job Websites

Many people choose to sit at home, who execute some freelance jobs at their own convenience.

On the other hand, freelancers are hired by many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to increase their business with the burden of recruiting permanent employees.

Such small and medium enterprises are looking for qualified and skilled experts who offer freelance services.

The freelance website is a wonderful medium for each other for business owners / employers and service providers / freelancers for their needs.

If you are holding a programmer, designer, SEO expert, writer, broadcast specialist, data entry operator, administrator or any other skill, you can get freelance jobs from the best freelance websites.

I am not very susceptible to saying that people have created their full-time professional careers working with such independent websites.

Today, there are hundreds of freelance websites providing freelance job opportunities, some of which are legitimate and useful while others are not useful.

Top 10 Freelance Job Websites

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best freelance websites to work on your own schedule. You can list your skills there and see how many freelance jobs you can get from these websites.


  • Elance set up in the United States in 1998
  • One of the biggest and best freelance websites
  • Elance also offers both paid subscription plans along with
  • Best site as a freelance professional career; There are lots of Big Biz post projects here
  • More than 100,000 freelance experts posted with more than 2 million jobs every month
  • Freelancer fees to be listed on the site

UpWork (previously ODesk)

  • Apachex is the best freelance website for newcomers
  • Do not charge membership fees
  • Provides a user-friendly system
  • Provides a wide range of job categories
  • Provides hourly and fixed rate jobs
  • Hourly jobs are tracked by the Upworks team software at the time of the completion of the project.
  • Hourly jobs guarantees
  • 10% of the project amount from freelancers


  • The guru was founded in the United States; Started in 2000
  • Provides free and also premium membership
  • Combines more than 520,000 freelancers businesses in more than 160 professional categories
  • Provides the property of opportunities to make money for any type of expertise
  • Sharp Patent Pending Rating System Provides Proper Rating
  • Escrow integration payment support


  • RentACoder was established in the United States; Began in 2001
  • Software Development Freelance Website
  • There are 20,000 registered buyers and 2,00,000 codes
  • In RentACoder, the buyer will have to keep the entire project fee in escrow account, which is not released till completion of the entire project; Assures you to encode them for payment due
  • Otherwise, it is difficult when the project is large because you need to pay the full amount in the escrow account
  • 15% of the project amount charged by the coder


  • Freelancer is one of the sites for making reputable and trustworthy moneylenders for freelancers.
  • Free and Paid Registration Plans
  • 2,772,202 is around freelancers
  • Charge the high commission of winning the bid and 3% of gold members, $ 5 or 10% (whichever is higher)

The possibility of making money with the referral program


  • Scripts was established in Canada; Began in 2001
  • Provides free registration
  • Provide service to businesses looking for freelance designers and programmers
  • More than 100 projects are posted each day
  • Provides escrow payment to help complete the project successfully
  • Minimum fee fee, with any project recurring and project posting fees
  • Requires Webmaster / Designer / Programmer to pay project fees when the project is canceled.
  • Best website to get affordable coding

Join for free to sign up and earn $ 1 bonus


  • Established in the United States; Started in 2008
  • Provides free and paid membership (Standard, Gold and Platinum) schemes
  • Bid number of projects depends on the membership plan
  • Commission charges for freelancers depend on the membership plan.


  • Hot freelance website for people who can provide weird and difficult services
  • The largest market for small and simple jobs (gigs) that starts at $ 5
  • Provide each freelance service that anyone can imagine
  • offer some creativity as well as weird exploitation
  • Super easy to use; Becomes super addictive for employers and freelancers
  • 3 different levels of freelancers offer


  • MTc for the most prestigious websites for outsourcing
  • MXTAT space for freelance workers, which can be used to meet low wages with minimal mental effort
  • Direct access to businesses for on-demand, scalable workforce. • Check for MTT tips and tricks
  • Freelance
  • Payments subscription starts at $ 6.25 on the money you earned
  • How often you bid for free
  • Facilitating your sample work in your article on your skill set According to bidding and executing the project, describes the difference in the top 10 best freelance websites.

You can start with one or two websites and once you become familiar, you can move on to other freelance websites to bid more.

Are you already working on any freelance website and yes, what is your freelance job experience?

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