50 Perfect Ways to Waste Your Money

Money saved money is earned, but money is wasted money is lost. Maybe you do not consider saving money, but when it comes to waste your money, nobody should consult.

I am not really against grand expenditure, but if you are making good money and there is no savings for the future, then in the future, you will regret.


And of course, if you do these things, you can save a lot of money and this is what I want to do.


Stay in hotels like Ashok, Taj or Leela

If you want to waste your money, one night you can spend at least 100,000 rupees or more, if you have more money then spend the entire week in these hotels.


Travel across the country in business class every day

Yes! If you want to go to Goa from Mumbai to New Delhi, always travel in business or club class. The ticket price is at least 30,000 / –


Beautify yourself: get a lip surgery or nose job

Waste money can be fun why you do not take a lip surgery and it looks like a nose like Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise.


Buy pets like a dog, poodle, pood, or a Persian kitten

Pets are always the best way to waste your money You can buy a Poddle, Pug or a kitten is my favorite dog


Buy Lottery Tickets

In India, if you do not get the casino to make money, then you can buy lottery tickets in bundles and see your fate.


Book a charter and migration to Thailand or the Bahamas

Charter a plane and avoid any island like Thailand, Mauritius or Bahamas. A good way to waste your money


A beautiful picture gift bought in an auction

Paintings are very expensive, you can buy from an art gallery and spend it in millions and can give gifts to your loved ones


Book Escorts for Rs 50,000 / – per night

Well! It’s a little over the top but if you really have some money then you can bring some girls and have fun.


Become a Bookie and a Bet on Cricket Match or Horse Race

I am not giving any illegal suggestion, but you can bet on cricket matches through bookie and waste your money.

Invite celebrity to your private ceremony

It is very fashionable You can invite a celebrity at your birthday or wedding ceremony. 500,000 to Rs. 1000,000


Cruise liner: stay there for a week

You can jump in a cruise liner with your family or spouse and avoid Europe.


Decorate your car with gold plating

If you have a car then you can decorate it with gold or silver plating. If you have extra money to throw

Book a complete luxury train like Rajasthan on Wheels

There are fantastic trains in India and you can book the whole train and have fun. But this will cost you millions of rupees


Five-star hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner all three

The five star hotels are very chic and you can see your three dreams there and spend about 100,000 per day.


Arrange a party, bring in artists and finish with fireworks

Arrange a party, finish with some singers, dancers, ladies and great fireworks. Waste all your money


If you are adventurous you can do drugs

Well! Then I want you to do something illegal but there are some great medicines and you can give a shot.


Buy beautiful accessories like watches, bracelets, bags, ornaments etc.

Watches, bracelets, bags and other accessories are a great way to waste your money if you have too much


Decorate Your House Interiors Gorgeously

If you have money you can reproduce your entire house and decorate the wall with some great paintings.


Fix a Gold Tooth in Your Mouth

Yes. On the basis of how many gold teeth you can set a gold tooth in your mouth against 50,000 to 100,000 rupees.


Book a complete yacht in Mumbai and spend time with your valentine

You can book a yacht or boat and enjoy this valentine with your husband or girlfriend.


How to buy tiger skin or elephant tusk

This is for Royals, you can buy tiger skin from 500,000 to 1000,000 rupees. Yes it’s possible. Similarly, elephant grandfather too.


Your Money in the Stock Market Gamble Particularly Trading Day

You can waste your money in the stock market especially in the daytime business which is very risky.


Women can buy expensive Banarasi sarees

The woman loves Saras, you have money, so you can buy it and the cost of a sari can be from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10,0000


Buy both an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

You can buy both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy together and if you do not like any of these then back to the wall


Waste money on learning flying in private institution

You can take a private session to learn how to fly a plane. They charge on hourly basis and you could have fun while wasting your money


Go to a multiple date and spend money on girls

You have many dates The price of the roof can cost you Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 for a bottle. A good way to waste money


 Plan a unmarried marriage

Your wedding can be extraordinary, can book a hotel on an island and there may be an explosion. Buy gifts and accessories for your friends and family members, if you are not able to waste all your money, then buy some gifts for your family and friends.


If you have a loot then you can buy a luxurious apartment: Mumbai Or about buying 2 BHKs or 3 BHK apartments in New Delhi! You can waste your money


An auction expensive antique pieces to buy a piece of antique that spend millions of bucks and about you can waste your money .


Travel around the world to the world

Travel through the plane throughout and can travel around 30 to 40 best cities in the world.


Why not visit the Underground Dance Bar in Mumbai

It is being done, I am not giving some suggestions here illegally, but if you have money and do not know how to spend it, then go to a dance bar and put some of it on the woman. Importing expensive Cuban cigars and smoking in one night if you love smoking, you can import cigars from Cuba and can smoke it all and bring something else. Wasting money for travel in space, though it is not possible in India, but you can go to Russia and travel in outer space. However, you have to remove some cash. Pay a painter to draw your portrait you can make your photo, which can be a painter or book an artist, however, you can get 0.28 female breast states must pay according to his will if you If you are feeling less about your breasts then get a owl job Yes Attract implants and men to your best silicone.


Buy some cool gadgets you can buy some cool gadgets like cell phones, laptops, iPads, tabs etc. It would be a good way to waste your money .00 hair transplant, trying to manicure, pedicure and skin treatment to hair transplant, manicure, pedicure and skin treatments if you are very concerned about their appearance

interior design – furniture

Bring in, send sofa set, wall painting etc to your home. Buy furniture or sofa set to make it a cosier.


Waste your money only designer clothes, watches, bags, shoes etc. Buying designer clothes like Gucci, Parda, Chanel is very expensive and only rich people can buy goods from these stores.


Buy a car according to your outstanding money

You can buy the car according to your budget. If you have a good amount of waste then you can go for BMW .

Hire a resort for a whole resort on a secluded area inside a hill or an island, or at a resort for the hills or sacred area. The choice is yours .


Booked private helicopter on the rent and flying around the city you can hire a helicopter to his family and friends and can travel around the city, if you have money to waste


Booking the entire table in a top restaurant like Taj,

you can book the entire table for a price of 30,000 rupees or more in a 5 star hotel and spend the night.


Change your entire physical condition with surgery

You can do this through surgery. You can change your whole body, it will show you athletic, but you will have a fortune. Play golf in some of the best golf courses Learn to play golf in some of the most expensive golf courses in India. Just waste your money. Women can be wasted on jewelry, if you are a woman, then you can waste money on jewelry because jewelry is the best friend of the woman .05. Gifts, gifts and gifts, in the end, you have some money, then you will buy all kinds of gifts for your loved ones. Just throw your money. You can try any of these


Ways to waste your money.

Everything is from there, really the adventure is doing something really good

Harvilas Meena

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