How to Earn Money from Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is still another popular way to make money. In this article we see various aspects of mystery shopping.

For example, why do you need to start as a mystery shopkeeper? How much money can you make with it?

Similarly, all my secret shopping jobs are real or there are some frauds too.

So let’s learn about mystery shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping and How to Earn Money from Mystery Shopping?

If you do not know about the mystery shopping, then you have to read this paragraph.

Large corporations and companies will always have to know what consumers are thinking about their stores and services which are being offered there.

They have one way of finding out whether the customer is satisfied with the company or not. So they hire secret buyers who will buy from them in a given store and send a report back to the company.

As a secret shopkeeper, you have to do various things like buying products, testing service, dining at restaurants, driving a car, etc.

If a mystery buyer spends money from his pocket, he will be reimbursed by the company who leases them.

Either the secret buyers are hired directly by the company or sometimes a third party hires them.

How do you get started?  How to Earn Money from Mystery Shopping?

Let me be honest being a mystery shopkeeper is not an easy task. Not everyone can be a mystery buyer and start earning money from the first day.

The first challenge will avoid scams because most secret shopping jobs are scams. We talk about scams and how to avoid them later in this article.

You have to work with a reputable company in which the secret buyers have a good record of paying on time.

Apart from finding a reputable company you must also have some skills to be a mystery buyer. We talk about it in the next paragraph.

In order to get started, in short, you should avoid scams, find the right company and have all the necessary skills.

Things need to be a mystery shopkeeper – How to Earn Money from Mystery Shopping?

Before thinking about the Mystery Shopper, here are the following things that you should have.

  1. You need to accurately collect and record

Being a mystery buyer is a great challenge because you have to pay attention to small details.

Companies want to know every detail how much time you have spent on the line or how long did you take to congratulate?

  1. You have to be a good writer

You can give small details to the company, who has hired you, unless you have at least a basic written skill.

You can not become a mystery buyer unless you can express your full experience through your writing. You must give a correct message to the company otherwise the company can not make the right decision.

  1. Give customers a secret name

Competition among companies is very difficult and they do not want to lose their loyal customers to each other.

Therefore, as a mystery shopkeeper, you want to make sure that you give customers a secret name and other companies do not let them go.

  1. Can not Buy Anything From Anywhere

In other words nothing is decided. You are not going to shop at the same store every day in the same shop.

You have to do some things that you do not want to do. For example, you would like to buy a particular product but your company emphasizes you to buy some other stuff.

  1. Time is very important

Are you committed to spending so much time as a mystery shopkeeper? Sometimes you have to drive a 10-mile long for a free meal, then spend money on the parking lot, then you wait for the meal.

Is it worth it to spend so much time for free lunch? You have to decide yourself otherwise mystery shopping can be a rag-away.

How much money can you make by being a mystery shopper?

Most of you are serious about mystery shopping, this is a very important question.

Keep your expectations low for being honest because nothing can be done with mystery shopping.

You can not make a full-time life with a mystery shopping, although you can earn enough money to pay your bills and spend some extra cash.

You can easily earn from $ 3 to $ 5 for online mystery shops, and in store shops you can do anything from $ 20 to $ 100 per assignment.

The online secret shop is like taking surveys and takes 10 to 15 minutes to finish. However, going to the store shopping or restaurants can take up to 1 to 2 hours.

However with experience you can earn more.

An average mystery shopper makes $ 500 to $ 600 a month

Who can become a mystery shopkeeper and can not?

Mystery shopping is not for everyone because you must have some skills before starting.

You should also have patience, writing skills and some common knowledge.

Apart from this you are not going to be rich overnight. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time in shopping.

If you are not serious then avoid this career.

The real company will ask you for money. In addition to this, if a company is assuring you to pay a large amount of money then do not believe it. If you are interested in joining a real company not sure if you can join the MSPA or Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Check the MSPA for the Global User and Asia Pacific users. If you are in doubt, check that the company is a member of the MSPA or not. If you are serious mystery shopping then there is a fee for MSPA certification certified by MSPA.

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