Create a New Or Start Here! Page on Your Blog

Your blog probably has a “collection” page where you show all your pages, categories, tags, monthly archives, authors etc.

But wait, do you really need a store page or an HTML sitemap page? Of course, you need an XML sitemap for your blog, but it is for search engines, not users.

Unless you are a real big brand, your visitors do not care about your site search, or even your category or tag cloud. People are very lazy to find your blog to find interesting content.

In that case, you really need to show that “related posts”, “most popular posts”, embed your other relevant blog posts, and maybe have a link to your categories and tags at the top / bottom of the blog post because This may be useful for readers.

As you can see, my archive page is almost hidden because in fact it is a page that I created myself.

Now coming back, there is an option.

Rather than focusing on an archive page rather than a “New” “Start Here”page where you display all your popular posts in a systematic way. Think of a “content” page in a book where they list all topics in an organized way. And think of your store page as your “index” where you show everything in your blog in a systematic way.

Some example pages are needed :

  1. New!
  2. Start Here!?
  3. Okay behind the rear and ViperChill. I like them because they are very readable.

Was not the article “new” to me? Start Here “page when I first published this blog post, but it was on my to-do list. And now when I am posting this blog post again.

Harvilas Meena

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