How to Use Quora to Create Your Brand Reputation?

We have a very powerful, yet-used marketing and brand building tool. This community is based, and it is one of the biggest crowd-source knowledge base.

And this can only be the future of other knowledge bases because it is more flexible with anonymity and has a great built-in specialization metric that can help search engines better understand the quality of the content.

Even so, very few brands use it completely. Today, we will talk about how your brand can help build reputation.

How Does it Work?

As already mentioned, there is a crowd-source knowledge base. One of the great features of Quora is the review where another member can request to review anything on the queue.

Provided there is a topic for that product, company, movie, book etc.

Quiz topics work to organize questions. You can follow the topics to customize your feed. You can add many topics to a question.

You can edit a page dedicated to a topic to add topic details and images.

To create a topic that is not in existence, just search for it and you will be asked to make one.

The new topic is also made when you add your company to your workplace, so there are many brand-focused topics for small companies on the queue too.

In most cases, if you have a little known brand name, then your brand theme is already on the queue and it is definitely something you need to monitor to monitor new discussions and comments.

If your brand theme is not present, you can create it. Note that you can not delete it after it’s been created and you can invite users to discuss your topic by making this topic.

Quora Review

Regardless of the review stars, there is another form of question and answer material on Quora. Most of the topics in the queue have the functionality to review.

Some topics are not reviewable (this is certain and determined by the administrators) but in most cases these are general concepts.

Company- and product related topics can be reviewed.

If you have not done this before, you can ask for a review:

Or you can participate in the review if someone has already requested a review:

The review thread on the quad looks exactly like the other Q & A thread: You can make any review up / down / comment.

Reviews are ranked mostly on the basis of how many upsets they have received.

Important: You can invite people to contribute, so make sure that you invite your brand supporters to say a few words about you!

Feel free to review your own product, but make sure you explain why you can be biased!

You can also “promote” your followers best review. This feature depends on your credit: excites your queries and answers even more, which gets you more credit, queer earned. You can then spend those credits to promote any airport (your or other people) on the queue:

These are the basics that you need to know to start right now. Make sure to use Quora and build your brand reputation well.

If you have any experience with Quara, tell us in the comments section below!

Harvilas Meena

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