How to Prepare Digital Will for Your Digital Assets?

We all take the succession of our goods very seriously. We work in every possible way to make our succession plan easier.

However, have you ever considered digital assets as your stuff? This is because when we talk about things, it means only walkable and fixed holdings.

But we never consider digital assets as our real stuff. Digital assets can include your email account, Facebook page, blog, website, video and other digital goods. All these digital products include your digital assets.

Even so, people are taking digital assets very seriously. As they are increasingly dependent on web applications, they started to worry about their digital assets.

If something happens to you, then God forbids, then what is going to inherit all your digital data that has been stored on various websites.

Therefore, if something happens to you, it is wise to plan your succession.

Although there are many services that offer to create your digital desire but through my experience and learning, I have got 7 services that can help you in your digital desire.

Some services charge and some are totally free. I advise you to go for free services.

Here are the following services to make your digital wish.

  1. Google Inactive Account Manager

The first choice is Google Inactive Account Manager. As we know, Google offers many services like Google Apps, Google Drive, Gmail, etc.

The most important thing is that we live in Gmail in our daily lives. So if you have a lot of data cached inside Gmail and you want to pass it to your loved ones after your death, Google Inactive Account Manager is a way to move forward.

It will decide what information should be received after your account becomes inactive or inactive.

It’s free to use.

  1. Download Facebook Memorization and Information

This service is provided by Facebook and we all know that when we talk about Facebook, we are serious about our pictures, videos and other personal data.

The Facebook information download program can provide all your data with your login and password to your loved ones.

In addition, Facebook turns your wall page into a commemorative page. It is going to inform people that you have died and your memory is alive for years to come.


The website is very popular throughout the United States. Heritage provides many types of tools that enable your loved ones and loved ones to create a living memorial to celebrate your life.

These tools help you create a website that has photos, videos and other data to celebrate a particular person.

Although the heritage provides many other services you can not be interested.

It is free to use for the first 14 days. You can pay membership fees for one year and use it forever.

You can use this service if you wish.

  1. Secure Safe

Secure Safe is also a web application that allows your loved ones to pass through important data. You can store all your data in one place.

According to Secure Safe, this cloud document provides account certificates and media storage up to 100 GB.

You can pass all your information to 20 different people who are close to you.

In addition, safe files are an app for iPhone and iPad for easy management of your files and other personal information.

Another good thing about safe security is its safety.

  1. Legacy Locker

Legacy Locker is yet another service for your digital desire and passover.

This helps you to help manage the accounts of individuals.

However, Heritage Locker is a payment service. A free account allows you to store only certain data, however, the payment version allows unlimited data and back up at $ 30 per year.

  1. After Steps

After the stages there is a very advanced system because it stores all your information in one place to pass your loved ones.

You can store information about financial accounts, insurance policies and other documents.

If any changes are made then it keeps updating you regularly.

  1. If I die

If I die then there is a free service and it allows you to create messages that are distributed after the death of your loved ones.

All your data is encrypted and highly secure. For example, your password for social sites or Gmail will be known only for your loved ones.

Thus, these were the seven services to create and manage your digital desire. I especially recommend using free services provided by Google and Facebook.

If you have more important data beyond Gmail and Facebook pictures and videos, you can also choose other services.

All the above mentioned websites meet different users.

Harvilas Meena

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