How to Start a Video Blog-Complete Guide

Today, each blogger feels the importance of blogging video. Soon, other bloggers around the world will be jumping on this bandwagon. Video blogging or Vlogging is going to completely change the face of blogging. Now, viewers want content that is more attractive to them and talks directly to them.

People are not interested in reading your content. Therefore, smart bloggers are quick to speed up this transition. However, video blogging is not for everyone, although you can still try because it is so easy.

How do you start with video blogging? What do you need to get started?

What are the ways to promote it? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And how to always monetize your video to stay on top?

These are the different things we will see in this article.

So before you start blogging video, read this article and decide if you want to go for it or not?

What is Video Blogging?

Well, I’m not going to complicate things here because I will try to make it as simple as possible. Video blogging or informally known as vlogging is not a new concept. It’s been there for a while.

The only thing is that now people can realize their true potential.

To make it simple, you probably know YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo etc. The video posted there can be called vloglog.

People who are uploading their videos on these websites are usually called vloggers. However, every person who uploads a video to YouTube can not be called a wolver.

This is because Vellogging is quite professional, but the other uploaders are amateur. They upload their videos for fun or share it with their family and friends.

On the other hand, video blogging is just fun to earn some money with it. An amateur can upload a video once a week, though a vlogger needs to be done every day.

Video bloggers can not afford to upload any type of content, the video they are uploading should be of good quality and people should enjoy watching it.

Apart from this, video blogging has a tough competition from other video bloggers. So you need to come up with new ideas to create unique and good quality videos.

Hence Vlogging is a serious business.

Is Blogging Difficult With Video From Traditional Blogging

The answer is yes and no, yes it can be difficult if you think you are very shy on the camera and do not see any intention on this.

On the other hand, it can be very easy for those people who like to face the camera. Apart from this, they have no interest in writing.

If you feel that you can write better and writing for you is the best way to communicate your message, there is no need for video blogging.

Because not everyone can make video.

There are bloggers who talk about traditional blogging, but they are equally bad on video blogging.

And conversely, good vloggers may not be able to write something worth reading.

Therefore, you need to decide whether you are suitable for video blogging or not. If you think you can not do this then do not do this.

If you think that you can go for it, please go for it. You can see some great video bloggers on youtube. If you can be one of them then you can give a shot.

How to start a video blog?

Well, there are some technical stuff that you need to understand before starting video blogging. But there is something else important that you need to know because learning technical stuff can be done in a few days, although learning how to make quality videos takes time.

Therefore, we will see how you can make good videos every day.

  1. View all types of videos

If you first need to get an idea then you can make a video. If you do not know what others are building then you will find it very difficult to create content.

Go to YouTube and watch videos that are very popular. Subscribe to all those channels and watch them regularly

  1. Practice and record in front of the camera

To overcome your fear, you need to practice in front of the camera. Sit in front of your computer’s webcam and start recording a video. This will give you a real time experience.

  1. Start with making videos with your friends and family

The best way to start making videos is with your family and friends. You can easily record with the camcorder and upload it to YouTube. However, if you want to be a Vlogger keep in mind your video should stand up. It should not be just an amateur video.

  1. Never steal, develop your own style

Generally, those who start vlogging want to steal and copy the style of others. Never do it.

The best thing about video blogging is that it gives you an opportunity to develop your own style. And those who watch these videos always look unique.

  1. Focus on the content of the video

Focus, only on content but on other things If your content is not good then you can not become a wolgorer.

What do you want to start a video blog

In this paragraph, we will look at all the technical stuff that you must have for video blogging.

  1. A microphone

A good quality microphone to record your voice You need to overcome external disturbances such as winds and noise like traffic, promotion etc.

  1. Electricity

Lightning should be correct where you will record your video. You can record in a closed studio.

  1. Camera

You can get a camcorder because you do not have to invest in expensive cameras.

  1. Screen Capture

You can use software such as Camatasia to edit your video. There are many other software you can use it.

  1. Editing Video

You can also get other payment software if you want advanced editing.

Benefits of Video Blogging

  1. Get immediate fame and identity

You can easily become famous or become an internet celebrity. If your channel gets popular on YouTube and you have thousands of customers then you can be very famous among your followers.

This opportunity is very rare in traditional blogging.

  1. Get your own followers

As I said before, you get so many fans. You can talk with them what they want to do. When it comes to video blogging, then your followers are the key to success.

  1. Good for selling products

If you can convert those visitors into customers then Video Blogging can earn a lot of money. You can start supporting products on your videos, in addition you can also earn money with the YouTube Partner Program.

  1. View your future in mainstream media

If you become so popular on the internet then mainstream media can notice and if you get some real talent then you can become a real star.

In fact, you can extend your domain to the mainstream from the internet.

  1. Do not learn to write

You can also avoid the pain of writing long content. Vlogging is much more fun than traditional blogging so you will never get bored.

However, I need to inform you with some loss of video blogging.

First of all you will need to overcome many technical difficulties like establishment of studios, cameras etc.

Then, if your video is average then the video is very difficult to optimize for a little chance for SEO.

In addition, the video can easily change the uploading speed of your website.

Therefore, these were some disadvantages of Vlogging.

Ways to monetize a video blog

Off-course vlogging is not for charity, you are blogging for some money. So you should know all the tips for monetizing your videos.


The first step to monetizing your video is to get traffic. You need to get good quality traffic. Therefore, make sure that your video does not go viral, but at least it should have enough visitor.

Become a YouTube Partner

Become the next YouTube partner. This will give you banner ads to show on your video. You can choose different ads and start running. It is very easy to use and you can easily earn a lot of money.

Start selling products online

You can start promoting products from others. You can become a collaborator and sell products and earn commissions.

Start giving premium services to members

If you want to listen to premium content, then you can also charge your members. Initially, you could give free video to listen to them, but if they want more then they have to pay to subscribe.

Sign up for sponsors

If your audience is large, you can get sponsorships to show your ads directly on your video. You can take enough amount from them.

Become a Motionmaker on DailyMotion or Partner

Apart from YouTube, there are many other vlogging websites like DailyMotion, Blip TV, Vimeo etc. You can become a Motionmaker in Dailymotion or partner and earn enough money from it.

Tips for Vlogging

Here are some tips that can be easier when you’re lodging.

  1. The title is very important so make a title that is close to the topic of your niche or Vlogging.
  2. Do not bypass SEO rules because your ultimate goal is to rank higher in YouTube search engine.
  3. Your video description should be at least hundred words, not less
  4. Next, you have to take care of all the technical requirements to create an effective video.
  5. If you want to record for any hassle-free recording then the recording camera and studio should be correct.

Correct editing software

Time is very important when making your video public. Select the time when something is running or too hot. 10. Finally, I would say that you need to create content that is real and unique. Visitors should love it and be ready to distribute it in social media. Logging involves passion, if you have a passion for making a video on a particular topic, go for it. Otherwise, do not waste your time here.

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