Is Vector Marketing Scam? An unbiased review

Vector Marketing Is A Scam? Nowadays, it is a question asked by thousands of people around the world.

On the authenticity of vector marketing and its perceived techniques, there are fierce arguments on various forums on the Internet.

Vector Marketing Scam
Vector Marketing Scam

The reputation of two major firms is on stake because the heroes and rivals of Vector Marketing are engaged in the oral couple.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to clean the air on both sides of the fence and remove the suspicions of all stakeholders.

Summary of this argument

As mentioned earlier, ambiguity is whether vector marketing is a scam or a legal plan has remained for a long time.

While strong advocates prove that it is legal, thousands of people insist that vector marketing is really a scam.

Therefore, whatever we present, are vector marketing websites, its principles are part of the argument by the Cacto Corporation and members of the public.

Understanding Vector Marketing

Vector marketing calls itself: “… the company that sells cutlery cutlery. Our people are diverse and fun (85 percent of our sales force is age group) and they like to represent our world-class kitchen cutlery.

True, many of the people we work with do not want to think about kitchen knives sometimes. But, they catch quickly.

The company website further states: “Vector marketing is a single-level direct selling company that sells kataka.

In the history of Cuttack Cutlery Corporation, hundreds of small independent vendors of Cuttack were.

In 1981, vector marketing was established to be one of those independent vendors. From 1981 to 1984, the vector sold more routes than all other independent vendors.

In 1985, the Cuttack Cutlery Corporation (hereafter called Alcas Corporation) bought the company from its owners to replicate the success of the vector across the country.

Now, vector marketing is the primary seller of Cuttack Cutlery Corporation “.

The company says: “Our home office is in Ollen, New York, and we have more than 250 years, run independently in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Apart from that, we have more than 300 temporary locations, which are open every year for our peak summer season “.

What is the Cuttack Cutlery Corporation

Katco draws his name from the cooking utensil company. Founded in 1949, Cutco is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada.

Its range includes knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sports knives, including everyday and special kitchen equipment.

“More than 600 employees work in the Kato factory and at the administrative headquarters in Olen, New York, the company’s website states,” At local events, cutco retail locations and online, Katco products are sold through domestic sales performances. ”

Cutting Vector Marketing Support

The corporate website of Katco Cutlery Corporation clearly states that Valer Marketing is located in the city of Olence, New York, “Cactus marketers through in-house performances”.

Vector marketing is the only company that is approved by Katco Coaliti Corporation for this purpose.

Indeed, the only other company supported by Katco on its website is the manufacturer of the knife-bar.

Despite the people screaming from the rooftop of the Vector Marketing scam, the Cuttack Cutlery Corporation has been supporting the marketers of their home.

Neither Katka has issued a statement rejecting vector marketing.

On the corporate website of Au Container, Katco, ‘Become a Representative’ link leads to job seekers for vector marketing.

In fact, some websites call Cuttack Cutlery Corporation and Vector Marketing as the world’s most famous multi level marketing (MLM) or direct marketing companies.

Vector Facts of Vector Marketing

Obviously, the above facts prove that neither the Cuttack Cutlery Corporation nor Vector Marketing is a fraud or scammer. Indeed, both of them are billed as America’s leading multi level marketing (MLM) companies.

Cuttack’s products meet and exceed all American and international standards of manufacturing and quality. Indeed, Cuttack products are also available online in global companies including Amazon.

It is notable that Amazon does not sell products that do not meet its strict quality and standard policies.

The exact words of vector marketing

The Vector Marketing website says this: “For many people coming from our door, working here is their first real job.

not to worry; Rest in the fact that our managers are trained to help you on the first day.

Learning how to develop an idea effectively develops is an important skill, regardless of your chosen career.

So even if your sales experience is limited to the primary school financer, do not sweat it.

Wrong word

During the initial training, we teach you everything you need to know to start on the right foot. By the time you complete the work, you will be confident and ready to start work.

The skills you will learn and the mindset you develop will remain with you for your entire life, wherever your path takes you.


Vector marketing tells about money.

Here we reproduce the website of vector marketing: Our representative receives a qualified potential salary when he shows a worthy potential customer. Therefore, they get paid whether the customer makes a purchase or not.

Our representatives are not pushing, and we do not want them. The guaranteed base pays pressure from our representative, so they do not have to be harsh or strong with potential customers.

But, you ask, “When sales are not done, how can they pay a representative?” Great question Since most people choose to buy at least a knife to Katko, we can make a safety net for all our representatives.

We want to encourage our representative and encourage us to keep ourselves out and try to sell. You’re not always selling with a potential customer, and it’s fine. MMM in Demos, when our representative is guaranteed to make a base salary each time to show the cut, they can earn more than the guarantee through incentives by completing the sale.

In addition, we pay on a weekly basis, so you will earn earnings for your hard work at the end of every work week.

It is very possible for a representative to do well with the gate, but there is no guarantee of success.

We are certainly not a “rich-quick” company and we feel proud to be a hard and motivated person in our representative.

Successful representatives share some common characteristics: perseverance, diligence and commitment.

There is a chance for the representative to develop professional skills while earning. See more inspirational success stories from our very own vector marketing rep:

Problem crooks

Obviously, the choice of vector marketing choice leaves a lot to be desired.

Obviously, the company has not paid attention to those people who need to pay free of their “initial training”

Second, vector marketing has left the term ‘multi level marketing’ or ‘network marketing’ easily.

Instead, the company announcements, as we have already seen, appear more like a job offer.

Network Marketing / Associate Marketing / Multi Level Marketing Jobs are not. Actually, they are classified as self employment or small business.

As a result of these two irregularities, vector marketing has had serious problems with American laws, hence the negative publicity that comes under the brand ‘Vector Marketing Scam’.

Debate: Vector Marketing Scam or Plan

In fact, posted in a forum on .com, a popular job portal makes it clear that most job seekers in vector marketing did not know that this is an MLM firm.

In most cases the allegations made against the company appear to be false. Such vector marketing scams really damaged the brand value for a special price.

Here we present the debate

  • Payment for goods / performance goods: This is a common practice of all MLM companies around the world. Direct marketers are never released free samples
  • Go door-to-door for sale: Network marketing does not operate door by door, instead it is through your contacts and friends
  • Retail sale: Katko is a brand renowned globally. Major e-retailers and stores stock Ridge products. Therefore, it is extremely impossible that a company of such reputation would actually be required to compel the college students to buy customers.
  • Insufficient payments: MLM companies never pay their colleagues. They are only entitled for promotion on sales, commission and confirmation sales. On the contrary, Katco and Vector were paying weekly salary / stipend in their sales force.
  • Unpaid training: This is a serious mistake in cutting / vector marketing because they have failed to mention that MLM training is not eligible for any stipend or payment.
  • Disclaimer of the candidates: This fee is also unfair. Every company / employer reserves the right to employ those candidates who are suitable for their jobs. No company makes the basis of the rejection scam. Of course, some vector marketing officers could have been more silly, but compared to the reality for those getting a job, more like personal retaliation.
  • Many trainees have reportedly filed a lawsuit on Vector Market, so that they can earn quick money. In America, it is easy to sue a company because any lawyer will tell you.
  • Jobs: Then, it is the wrong word used by vector marketing to describe the proposals to become MLM affiliates. The term ‘job’ is governed by a company that suits the lawsuit under US labor and employment laws.

Lawsuit against vector marketing

Vector marketing was found guilty in class action cases for violation of employment rules in the US states of California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

The case was resolved by a court under the US’s Fair Labor Standards Act.

In the petition filed before the California court, former Katco / Vector Marketing MLM colleagues won as a $ 6.75 million unexpected wage and accidental expenditure incurred for training.

Company paid the amount

Vector Marketing Is A Scam?

Definitely not! Instead, vector marketing and its theories, the Cuttack Cutlery Corporation is a reputable business house in the US and has a reputable reputation throughout the world.

The word of the vector marketing scandal originated from the reasons mentioned earlier in this article.

Therefore, if you are looking to become an MLM associate in vector marketing, do not hesitate to sign up.

Cutco makes some great cutlery in the world and the demand for its products is very high.

However, as the company warned, MLM sales are not everyone’s cup tea.

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