How to Make Money From Google Adsense – A Complete Google AdSense Guide for Beginners

In this guide, we will discover various aspects of the Google Adsense program. First of all, we will start with a brief introduction to the AdSense program, then we will talk about the relationship between Google AdWords and Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Guide-Make Money with Google Adsense
Google Adsense Guide-Make Money with Google Adsense

Next Next is to understand how the AdSense program works. Apart from this, we will also discuss the role of advertisers and publishers in this program. We will also talk about the users of Adsense and their profile.

  • Then we will discuss how publishers, advertisers and Google benefit from this program itself. Next we will be seeing why advertisers and especially publishers prefer AdSense.
  • Without a sermon on the competition in front of the Google AdSense program, the guide will be incomplete, so we will compare this program in India and USA. In addition, you can also know the top beneficiaries of the AdSense program in India.
  • In the end, we will conclude the lack of transparency from Google on the issue of terminating this Guideline, misuse of the AdSense program by users, and subsequent criticism of Google after this future program.

What is Google Adsense?

It is useless to change the wheel again, so I will not give my definition because it is available on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, “Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc., which allows publishers to provide automated text, image, video and rich media advertising to content in the Google Network of content that is targeted to site content and viewers.”

I hope, the definition is quite clear, but again I will put it in my words again.

When you go online and visit a website, you may have shown an advertisement between the web page you are reading. These ads are nothing but Google Adsense ads. It is also called relevant advertising. For the demo of AdSense ads on the website, see the image below –

Now, before proceeding, I should explain the meaning of certain words that will be used repeatedly in this guide.

Publishers – Publishers are the owners of bloggers or websites that make content where Google allows advertisers to show different ads.

Advertisers – As I have indicated in my previous paragraph, advertisers are individuals who pay Google the amount to show their ads on publishers’ blogs or websites.

In other words, you can say that publishers are thousands of bloggers and web-owners, who make content for money and advertisers are business owners who want to sell or sell their products using publishers’ blogs.

Relationship between Google AdWords and Google AdSense

In order to gain an internal understanding of the Google AdSense program, we need to know the Google AdWords program. A new word has been started here, Google AdWords.

Now, what is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords and Google AdSense are basically two aspects of the same coin.

If you read some of the above paragraphs you may have some understanding of the AdSense program, here we will only discuss the AdWords program.

Google Inc generates 90% of your revenue from Google AdWords All large, medium and small business owners want to sell their products to customers around the world.

These business owners use the AdWords program to reach targeted customers in a quick time. Here, they pay Google to show their ads on search results pages or any blog (AdSense) content.

Therefore, Google Inc. operates solely on the money provided by these business owners.

In the coming paragraph, we will discuss about the AdSense program.

It is only by reading the next paragraph, you will get a clearer idea of ​​how the AdWords and AdSense programs are related to each other.

I’ll talk a little about AdWords advertising; they are of two types; A search engine is shown on the right hand of the result whenever you look for something, you might have noticed; A column of ads will appear on the right side of the screen. They are AdWords ads, business owners have paid Google to show those advertisements.

Secondly, there are relevant ads shown on the content of the publisher, which is taken from the ‘Go Government Job’ site, in this article, the ads shown in the first image are not called anything.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

Well! It is very simple. As explained in the previous paragraph, business owners must have paid Google to show ads on publisher’s website.

Google Adsense is a program designed only for bloggers and site owners, unlike AdWords, which is for business owners.

Now a publisher (usually called a blogger) has to apply to Google for AdSense approval. If it is approved, Google will allow it to show ads on their website.

Whenever people or visitors come to the publisher’s website in search of good light and they click on the AdSense ad, Google gives money to every publisher for the publisher.

Google pays publishers with money that advertisers receive from advertisers G for each click By an online visitor, Google gives the website owner 68 rupees on which the advertisement is showing (the publisher) and the remaining 32 goes to the Google. In this way, Google takes money from advertisers and pays a large part of it to the publishers and the rest remains with it. Yes, it will now be clear, how the AdWords and AdSense programs are interlinked with each other.

Let us look at the different ways of showing AdSense ads on a website:

  • AdSense for content: nothing except contextual advertising
  • Adsense of the feed: will appear on the ad feed
  • Adsense of search: ads will come to search
  • for the domain Adsense: Place ads on domain names
  • Adsense of the video: Advertising on YouTube Video

Some terminologies that are commonly used in Google Adsense: CPC: Cost Per Click – to get the amount of visitors to click on ads that can be up to $ 2 to 10 cents or more.

  • CTR: Click through Rate – How many visitors click on the ads if 100 people visit your site and only one click of them, CTR is 1%, if 2 clicks and CTR 3%, if 3 Clicks 4%
  • Displaying: The total number of impressions Blogger gets for its blog.
  • Visitors: How many people came to your blog

The eligibility and role of publishers and advertisers for Adsense and Adwords

Not every publisher approves the AdSense program. The initial rules for obtaining an approval for the AdSense program were very slow but now Google has made it very difficult.

You can read your words and conditions in the details here. I’d just like to add that Google needs good content from publishers.

Advertisers do not do anything directly with AdSense, they rely on the AdWords program. While talking to advertisers, advertisers have no qualifications to use AdWords programs.

There is only one thing needed to bid for keywords on daily needs. Google will show an ad on top of the amount of money generated by Google to pay you, if you pay more than other advertisers, Google will show your ads at the top.

So the eligibility is how much you can pay to Google. Publishers and advertisers have to create publishers’ roles that are unique and relevant, they need to write content that solves the problem of online visitors.

Creating great content has always been a big challenge, besides, if publishers make good content, they will be rewarded by Google in return. It is important for advertisers to say that this is just because Google is running.

If Google is not an advertiser, then the AdSense program will not be there. Before Google Adsense Users – Demographics We will now talk about users of the AdSense program.

As you already know, its users are also called publishers who are they? What’s their demographic? how many are they? How much do they earn?

These are some relevant questions that somebody wants to know. Most of these publishers are young bloggers from around the world. His age is anywhere between 16 years of age between the age of 34 years. They are very small and they like to do things that are different from mainstream.

The abundance of these bloggers comes from the urban areas of a particular country. Yet it is very rare to find bloggers in the rural part of a country. In India, these bloggers are mainly limited to urban cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Their income is different because it depends on the content. Typically, normal Blogger makes $ 200 to $ 300 per month.

A good blogger can make $ 800 to $ 1000 per month, and top-notch bloggers make $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 per month.

Just check these Adsense earning strategies. 100,000 bloggers are included in the WordPress blogging platform daily, so you can get an idea of ​​how much they are?

Bloggers are predominantly people who create content themselves. However, there are publishers who do not blog as individuals, they have a team of writers to produce content on a regular basis. In fact, they employ hundreds of content writers and editors. These publishers earn 10 to 20 times more than a different blogger.

Their monthly income can run in millions of dollars. Some examples are:

  • Personal blogger – Problogger, Labnol etc
  • Publishing House –,, TimesofIndia etc.

Just to know the secrets of Adsense, check out this link that you can triple your AdSense earnings. Wheat for publishers, advertisers and GoogleAs I said earlier, publishers and advertisers benefit from the AdSense program. And Google itself is the last beneficiary of all of this.

So, here we will talk about their profits in more detail. PublishersPublishers earn a lot from Google Adsense if we talk about small publishers who are primarily bloggers, they can lead a decent life as a result of the money, which they earn monthly.

In fact, these bloggers quit job 9 to 5 and I E-people who start their career as a blogger means that after graduation or high school, they do not take the option of job but start blogging. Now, if we come across big publishers, they are getting everything from Google Adsense.

Apart from making money in millions every month, they can also create a brand of their own company. With a solid brand these companies are able to reach their customers in an efficient manner.

Advertiser: The benefits of advertisers like publishers are also evidence that the entire AdSense program runs on advertiser’s money and publishers, and Google earns its own money. Therefore, advertisers will only add so much money if they get something from it, therefore, small business owners are also profitable by selling their products online to their customers.

Previously, a small business owner was not able to reach their customer, now with the help of AdWords they can reach them very soon.

GoogleFinally, Google is also benefiting from 32% of the advertisers sune between Google advertisers and publishers, so basically this discounts 32% of revenue in the commission. That’s why Google is not just beneficial, but both programs are generating hell revenue from AdWords adsense, publishers, advertisers, and Google profits from Adsense.

Google Adsense Program for AdsenseWell or other competitors of the alternative! Google Adsense is not just a program, when it comes to contextual advertising, the AdSense program is one of them. So the question arises that the AdSense market competes with other programs?

The answer is yes, it is facing any competition from other relevant advertising platforms. Publishers and advertisers do not always go for adsense, sometimes they can also try other programs.

Following are some of the other programs on the line of AdSense:

  1. Chitika
  2. Clicksor
  3. Kontera
  4. Adbrite
  5. BuySellAds
  6. eClickZ 
  7. Amazon Associates
  8. Tribal Fusion etc
  10. Infolinks

These programs can give a competition for Google Adsense.

If for some reason publishers and advertisers do not like AdSense, then they can describe one of these programs above. Yes, these programs compete for AdSense but for publishers and advertisers, they can be one optional Why is Google AdSense the first choice for publisher or blogger?

As we have discussed, Google has a tough competition from other advertiser platforms in the market. But still Google AdSense is the first option for bloggers. So why do publishers go for the AdSense program only?

The first answer will be the King on the Google Internet. Google dominates every other search network, so Google has the ultimate authority. Therefore, publishers or bloggers believe Google on the eyes.

In addition, the Google Adsense program is very easy to use and Google provides all its support which can provide it. If you have any doubts or concerns about advertising or payment, then you can reach Google without any hesitation. Google is always ready to help you. Google now also allows you to place other third party advertisements on your website, which we provided in the previous paragraph.

Publishers can put ads with adsense ads from other programs and earn more money. Google now allows advertisements from third parties to cut Google competing against other platforms, previously it was not allowed.

Google wants to make sure that the publisher does not migrate to other platforms. But the best part of Google is that Google is the best payer, like publishers, Google tells what it says. You receive the same amount that you earn at the right time, so check the payment always returns to your home address from time to time.

Yes, these are some of the reasons that the AdSense program is still largely preferred by bloggers. What is the AdSense program for advertisers? Although advertisers do not have anything directly in their adsense, this program also influences them.

As we know Adsense and AdWords are connected to each other. Advertisers will benefit only when their ads will be placed on good content and we know that content is always made by publishers.

Google will need to put advertiser ads on the most relevant content so that advertisers can take it out. Therefore, the advertiser will always be interested in creating good publisher content, if publishers are well paid in favor of Google, they make good content.

Ultimately good content will help the advertiser’s business grow. India and United States

In the United States, publishers earn 2 to 3 times more than a publisher in India. In the United States, the cost per click (CPC) is 4 times higher than India, you get $ 1 for one click in the US and a blogger in India receives only 20 cents, so in the US, Blogger makes more money, though The traffic visitors here are less than the traffic coming to India.

United States advertisers are ready to pay more, the reason is simple. There an advertiser may be ready to pay $ 2 for a click for Google, then the publisher gets $ 1.36 and Google remains the rest.

But in India, advertisers only pay a few bucks for a click. Therefore, the CPC in India is equal to 5 cents or 10 cents.

After all, the United States is a developed economy, so advertisers have more money to spend, but India still has a growing economy, so advertisers spend very little.

Therefore, it is huge difference between the AdSense users in the United States and India. Successful beneficiaries of the Google AdSense program in India let us meet some successful Google Adsense publishers in India.

They are almost like an internet celebrity. They can be inspiration for other bloggers of India.

  1. Amit Agrawal – Labnol
  2. Amit Bhavani – Amit Bhavani
  3. Arun Prabhudesai – track in
  4. 4 Jaspal Singh – Savidelate

You can check out the top 10 bloggers in India for more consideration on such bloggers.

But Google does not tell how much advertiser is actually paying them for a single click. Publishers do not really know how many advertisers actually paid Google.

Google can pay less to the publishers because it does not announce the amount paid by advertisers. For example, advertiser is paying $ 5 for clicks for Google, so with a conscientious intention, Google should pay a $ 3.40 for the publisher’s click and only $ 1.60 should be taken with itself.

But it can happen that Google pays only $ 3.40 less than $ 2.00 to publishers, so another $ 1.40. The reason for this suspicion is that Google does not declare that the advertiser actually paid $ 5. Therefore, lack of transparency leads to suspicion that it can be a flipside of the AdSense program.

Using Google AdSense, they are disappointed bloggers who abuse the AdSense program from around the world. With shear greed, they start clicking on their ads. It does not seem that Blogger can earn money by clicking on its ads.

Google will know Blogger and your Adsense account will be terminated forever. When it comes to showing ads, Google is very tough. Publishers can only show 3 ads on their page. If they try to click on those ads or tell others, Google will consider it illegal and will terminate your account permanently.

Google also prohibits the use of software and analogous content to show adsense ads, but frivolous bloggers use such a move and the wrong side. Criticalism of Google Adsense is criticized by many critics of Google because they are not paid as much to pay to U.S. publishers.

Then blogger criticized Google that they can not ban their account for a specific reason. Sometimes Google earns threshold $ 100 in your account. It is also criticized for showing sexually explicit ads on Google’s websites.

But the most real criticism of Google AdSense is the lack of transparency, which we discussed in the last-last-last paragraph. Ultimately, the future of the Google AdSense program and its impact on publishers, we will talk about the future of the AdSense program and how it will affect publishers.

According to me, the future of Adsense is great in the USA and outside of the United States as well Internet is growing in more and more people, joining it.

They are in search of good stuff they could read. The AdSense program will ensure that publishers will create quality content because they will get the right remuneration.

In addition, Google’s revenues are entirely dependent on advertisers and to make them happy, Google needs to have an AdSense platform for their relevant advertising good content, so Google does this.

The AdSense program is very important for its own existence. Therefore, the future of Adsense is very bright for adsense publishers as well. Therefore, we have a brief but power-packed analysis ad

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