20 Best Paid Online Survey Sites Paying Worldwide

There is no strange thing in the growing online surv

Best Paid Online Survey Sites-Swagbucks
Best Paid Online Survey Sites-Swagbucks

ey online world. If payment is made on your card to earn money online, then paid survey sites should be placed at the top of your list.

A cheater can earn a few bucks, but if you are a serious online money maker then it can be an additional source of your income.

When you pay for online work, is not it surprising?

The best part is that it is a place you can sit and sit at home. You can easily make $ 100 to $ 1000 a month by spending a few hours on your laptop or smartphone.

More and more companies around the world are considering surveys as the best way to collect surveys and pay you in return.

Returns are exciting, which are mostly cash prizes, gift vouchers and coupons.

Therefore, not all online survey sites pay you and are present at the global level.

Some survey sites are available only in the US or Canada, some of them have regional focus, while some European countries can also be present in Southeast countries, western countries, or even in Asian countries.

Many other online survey sites pay you in cash

Now they promise you with a high prize, most of them are becoming scams, it is difficult to understand the legal survey site that actually pays for online earners.

Keeping in mind, we’ve collected legal Top 20 International Paid Survey Sites, which certainly pay you high and live globally.

20 Best International Survey Sites 


Swagbucks is one of the most trustworthy and a popular reward program site. You can earn rewards and cash on the swagabucks in 4 ways and one of them is through the answers to the survey.

Swagbucks has collaborated with many famous retailers and brands. To answer the surveys and influence your brand, in case of SB (swagabs) you earn a free gift card and cash prize.

You can later redeem your SAB for gift voucher or cashout using your PayPal account. Often, by replying to the survey, set your daily goal to earn more money.

How much do you earn:

You actually start earning from this survey site, after that you sign up with them and confirm your email. You can do 70 SBs to answer the survey on a daily basis and later you can fulfill the points using your popular reward programs.

Adding referrals multiplies your scope of higher earnings. Through the survey you can easily earn up to $ 50

Country appearance: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and many others.

Join Swagbucks here and read Swagbucks review here

2.Toluña Survey

Toluna Paid Survey is run by Toluna Group – UK Digital Marketing and Research Company. By providing registration and basic information, you will be invited to take a survey that matches your profile.

Surveys last for 15-20 minutes and you earn gift cards, vouchers, test products and definitely cash prizes.

Your survey helps the company to explore new business ideas and future opportunities for expansion.

How much you earn:

  • Survey: 3-30000 points per survey
  • Quick voting: you can earn many points
  • Referral: 500 Per Referral Digit
  • Registration: 1500 points when you sign up.
  • Product testing: 75 points when you sign up and more are selected.

Country presence: US, UK and worldwide


iSurveyWorld pays for you cash in return for each survey. You need to sign up first and become part of your community.

Survey products and services are centered which gives you prizes for your opinion. Although it caters to the surrounding countries, it sometimes likes viewers from Latin American countries.

How much do you earn:

When you sign up with iSurveyWorld, you immediately earn $ 5. The possibilities of earning more money from this online survey site are endless.

The more you survey, the more you earn. Once you reach the minimum cash balance, you can receive the deposit in your PayPal account.

Currently, there is no referral bonus

Country appearance: Australia, America, UK and many countries

4.Survey Downline

Survey downline meet with some great referrals programs with a great site where the survey

How much you can earn:

You can earn up to $ 1- $ 3 for a survey.

The Focus Group survey pays you $ 1- $ 20, where you can earn an average of $ 100 per month.

There is an interesting 2-level referral program where you earn commissions to earn by earning 10% on a referee survey. You can increase your chances of earning high revenues through your referral program. You can later cash your income through PayPal.

Redemption for the USA:

  • Magazine Subscription: $ 10 Minutes
  • 150 Facebook Credits: $ 15 Minutes
  • PayPal Cash Payment: $ 20 Minute Reprint for Canada, Britain and Australia • 150 Facebook Credits: $ 15 Minute
  • PayPal Cash Payment : $ 20m Country attendance: United States, UK, Canada, Australia. Hondownline included in survey

5.Inbox Dollars Survey Site

Established in 2000, InboxDollers has more than 20 million members and has very good reviews till date. This is a cash based reward program site and is a well known community to take online surveys.

With paid surveys, you can earn money by watching TV, shopping online, reading email and playing games.

How much you earn:

The minute you sign up, it earns $ 5 bonus in your account. Each survey is required to be completed in a set time frame, which also shows how much you can earn for that survey.

A survey can pay you from 0.25 cents to 5 dollars. Calculate your earnings based on the number of surveys you have raised.

You need to earn $ 30 to be eligible for a cashout. You can also get payment via Gift Card, Virtual Prepaid Card, or ask for a check that is mailed to you.

Country presence: Worldwide

6.Global Test Market

In providing market research, the company LightSpeed ​​- a very popular site established in 1999, backed by a global leader. Registration on the site is a simple process and you can only sign up and become a member

The site lists various surveys on them, which you earn “livespoints” when done

How much you earn:

You can redeem your life point at 1: 5 conversion rate, up to 4000 lives, you can redeem the gift card from Amazon, Starbucks, up to $ 35.

Up to 4800 life points, you can earn a cashout of up to $ 40 in your PayPal account.

If you are an American resident, you can get your payment in 3-5 weeks intervals and expect 4-6 weeks for international resident payments.

Country presence: Worldwide presence in almost 49 countries, such as Britain, America, Australia, Canada

7.Nielsen Research

Nielsen is a well-known company and is a market leader in market research with its footprint present at the global level. This survey provides insights on consumer behavior of company brands and companies. Their survey focuses on Internet related products and services.

How much you earn:

One of the world’s most prestigious companies in the online survey, you can survey up to $ 15,000 a month.

Country presence: Worldwide

Join here in Canada and other countries here for the United States in Nielsen

8.Surveys Junkie Paid Survey Site

Surjaqanki has more than 3 million members associated with his platform. Registration is similar to most of other survey sites

They send you survey matches in your profile. You can also browse through your various categories to take the survey of your choice.

A survey earns you 100 to 200 points.

How much you earn:

Cashout can be done with your PayPal account. 1000 points are equal to $ 10 and there is a minimum limit for redeem.

Country presence: Worldwide

9.VIP Voice Survey

VIP voices, services and products are well known for their surveys. Being a member and joining the panel will reward you for expressing your thoughts.

The points earned by you can be redeemed for prizes from webshops.

How much you earn:

You earn VIP scores from Level 1 to Level 5 from 50 to 550. You can try your hands on a lucky draw, which operates once a month and earns up to $ 5000.

Country appearance: Australia, India, Denmark, New Zealand and 11 more countries

10.Opinion Square

As the name goes, this paid survey site gives you the award to share your opinion online. Just share your opinion via email and pop survey

The idea here is to understand the interest and attitude on various topics. They have various types of survey categories to help you to earn more rewards.

How much you earn:

You can earn a gift card and gift voucher to participate in your survey. Playing your quick game will give you a chance to win your $ 10000 sweepstakes.

Country presence: Worldwide

11.Spider Metrix

Based in Australia, Spiderman, an online survey site, was launched in 2000. Becoming a “spider” (panel member) will open up opportunities to take surveys related to product or services of large and small companies.

The ideal time for a survey is 15-20 minutes which helps you get points. The best part is that you can donate your points to donate your opinion.

The referral system doubles the possibilities of higher earnings.

How much do you earn:

Once you submit Spider Point, you can redeem it against Amazon vouchers or auction for your favorite product.

  • Minimum casest – $ 50 (300 spider points)
  • 1 referral – 1 spider point
  • Issue – 1 point = 0.17cents AUD
  • Donation points – 12 spider points – $ 1, 18 spider points – $ 2, 46 spider points – $ 3 and so on.

Country presence: Worldwide


iPoll is a prestigious international survey site. The site emphasizes on sharing its unique perspective on the survey.

They are paid survey by market research companies and therefore you have to perform demographic testing before each survey qualifies.

How much you earn:

Sign up and earn $ 5 in your account. You also earn popular gift cards from your favorite brands and can enter $ 10000 quarterly raffle.

The minimum cacheout is $ 25 which can be transferred to your PayPal account.

Country appearance: Argentina, Chile, France and around the world

13.Opinion World

Rai is powered by Sample International LLC. With over 3000 companies, Rai World helps in providing consumer insights to these companies.

Getting involved is free and you immediately start receiving surveys that match your profile. Ensure that the quality of your answer is up to the mark for huge earnings.

How much you earn:

Each survey rewards you with 200-1000 points, which can be redeemed later with gift cards, vouchers of your favorite brands.

The minimum cacheout is $ 10 = 1000 points. Cashout can be redeemed using PayPal.

Country presence: US, UK, India, China, Australia and 25 more countries.

14.Harris Poll Online

With over 5 decades of attendance, Harris Poll is the oldest and most prestigious site for online surveys online. You will get instant results with survey comparison.

Harris Poll offers approximately 7 reward programs to maximize your earnings. You can either take your online survey, mobile surveys, focus groups.

They have special surveys for teenagers looking for opportunities to earn online during the holidays

How much you earn:

Generally for the survey length of 15-20min, you can earn 1250 pricing points. You can redeem them against gift cards from Amazon, ESPN, Starbucks and Walmart.

It takes 15 business days to reach you for the reward.

The company runs lucky draws every quarter and a lucky winner can make $ 10000 directly.

Country appearance: America, Britain, Canada and many others.

15.Your Say

You have to say that you can earn money online through your online surveys. In collaboration with various brands, their survey brands help consumers understand shopping habits.

They have a point system where your PayPal account or Amazon voucher can be redeemed.

Interestingly, many teens who are looking for online jobs can try your survey surveys because the age limit for joining is 12 years.

How much you earn:

The points you redeem can earn between $ 10- $ 200 per month based on the number of surveys you have answered. Sign up for free today and start earning with this survey site.

Country appearance: America, Britain, Australia and 9 more

16.Planet Panel

PlanetPanel is owned by MSI-ACI Europe BV, a Netherlands based firm. It is a sweepstakes site with its presence in 21 unique countries.

Their surveys are current programs, governments, products and services-focused and surveys are mailed to the visitors who match their targeted demographics.

How much you earn:

Surveys are 10-20 minutes long and you can earn points. Jackpots are rooted in their monthly sweepstakes.

For each survey, you enter them in your $ 12,000 annual raffle. You can also earn $ 50 from your monthly raffle.

Country appearance: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and around the world.

Join Planet Panel Survey

17.Survey Savvy

Surveys have been running after the connecting companies with Rai companies since 1999 and in return pay cash prize.

Surveys are usually demographic and if you match your profile, you are invited to do surveys via email.

On passing the deep test, you are credited with cash prizes.

How much you earn:

You earn $ 3 per survey for your answers. You can also double the earning potential of the referral system, which pays you $ 2.

The exciting part is the return couple when your referral takes more online surveillance. That’s why you can make a strong referral base for more earnings.

Country presence: US, Canada and 15 more countries (If your location is not listed then you can contact them)

Join surveyor

18.Buzzback Survey Site

Bujback is online because successfully running from 17 years 2000. This paid survey site combines consumers and companies with market research to bring new product ideas.

When you sign up and join the panel, you will be tested on your qualifications to take a special survey.

How much do you earn:

You pay anything between $ 0.5 to $ 5 per survey

Country appearance: Australia, Canada and around the world.

Join the Buzzback Panel


Founded in 1996, ITININK has conducted millions of online surveys and interviews so far. Their surveys targeting online products and software are mostly specific to western countries.

Once you register and create your profile with them, you will be invited to take surveys if you match their demographics. You need to answer a qualifying question.

The success of the question will lead you to the survey.

How much you earn:

To answer a survey of 10 questions, you can expect anything between $ 2- $ 10 from your online survey site.

Country appearance: Australia, America, Canada, Singapore and many more.

Join IThinkInc

20.Palm Research

There is a step to register, you open your way to earning for surveys, focus groups and online product reviews. You take points to take the survey, which is final for 5-6 meters

How much you earn:

The minimum cacheout price is $ 10. You can either ask for a check payment or transfer money electronically. Plus, you can redeem your points for gift certificates and vouchers

Country appearance: US, UK, Denmark, Singapore and many others

Join Palm Research


In today’s world consumer opinion is the most and many other online survey companies provide cash to share them.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up and dedicate sufficient time for these top 20 international payment survey sites, which are sure to help you with the big bank balance.

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