20 Businesses That Can Be Started with Rs. 1 Lakh

Now a day more people want to start their own business. Many people are unhappy with their jobs and try to find different reasons for leaving the existing job and starting a new business.

Even many unemployed people who do not have enough money, they can start a small business. But the main factor is one step blocking its methods of moving forward from investment.

But you do not need to worry anymore. There are many businesses that you can start with small amounts of investment. We are going to show you at least 20 business ideas, which will cost just Rs. 1 Lac

20 Businesses That Can Be Started with Rs. 1 Lakh

It is very important to consider all the ideas that you can get to start a business that will work best for you.

Here are some ideas that will work best for you.

1.Social Media Support Services

Social media is equally important for businesses both large and small. This business acts as an extension of all social networks, such as someone who knows how well their social connections really are.

Social Networking Site -Businesses That Can Be Started with Rs. 1 Lakh
Social Networking Site -Businesses That Can Be Started with Rs. 1 Lakh

2.HR and recruitment service

It is seen that business, especially small businesses, can not bear their own human resources department. They are not easily tolerated by big recruitment companies. HR professionals who have a good experience in this field, can definitely use this opportunity to bridge the gap between the company and skilled recruiting.

3.Translation services

With the increase in globalization, there has been an increase in demand in translation services for small and large businesses. These services also provide a platform to bridge the language barrier present for all client companies / businesses.

It is also true that if someone knows a language that is useful in the business, then surely it will never run without a business opportunity.

4.Boardroom Facilities

This is the most expensive of all the ideas that have been discussed. This is the best idea for those who have an empty space, but there is no use for this.

5.Medical Tourism Service

It is true in the whole world that India has got some excellent medical facilities. This facility has created many people in foreign services to come to India to seek these services.

6.Diet Counseling Services

Both food and health are important in big cities, this makes dietary counseling services very good ideas.

7.Used Car Dealership

This is a business that requires a lot of capital because you hardly work as a bridge between your customers, who give you the car used and those who are searching for these used cars. The commission you get in this process will be your income.

8.Mobile Garage Service

This is for business engineers and trained mechanics. It’s not always true that mechanics are available anywhere where the car breaks. This is the time when the mobile garage comes into existence. Many assistants and bikes are needed.

9. Auto Repair Service

The imported vehicle is the dream of everyone, but it is not always true that they are capable of tolerating one. Amendment services play during this time.

10.Driving School

Everyone has to learn driving at some point in their life. Opening a driving school is considered an excellent idea. You need a used car and license.

11. Car Storage

This idea is still very new in our country. It includes many short or long care of vehicles. Everyone needs space to keep the vehicles of their customers.

12. Hobby Classes

Many people are seen to pass their time and find a way to learn a new thing at the same time. These hobby classes give them the best platform for this.

13. Party Planning Services

This business idea requires that you have good contacts and a good collection of assistants. In this modern era where the parties are common, the need for these services is very high.

14. Alcohol abuse services

During this time, the need for anti-clutter services is very high, when parents are getting busy and child accidents are increasing very often.


Like anticonvulsant services, nanny services are very much needed so that parents can work efficiently and without any stress.

16. Sports Coaching

One place for practice and skill with sports equipment, games is that all this is needed to start this business. People are more interested in sports, so this business will never be cold.

17. Courier Service

This is the oldest business idea that will never be bad and will never be worse. Competitive rates and best serviceability are what you need.

18. Transfer and Packaging Services

This service is very important by those who are continuously running; Assistant and vehicle are all needed.

19. Carpooling Services

This service is like a taxi service with the exception that more than one people share this great service.

20. Rainwater Harvesting

These days the demand for service of water harvesting is seen very much and it is very easy to set up and it needs to reduce the investment comparatively. These businesses are seen to work very well and may be surprised, so go ahead and try these ideas!

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