11 Best Investment Options for Beginners and Professionals in 2019

You choose different investment options like equity, debt, diamonds, gold, silver, real estate, commodities, antiques, paintings, carbon credits, forex, derivatives etc.

Investment Options
Investment Options

You have to invest your money wisely so that your property increases above the rate of inflation and good returns will arise. So, ‘Which is the best investment option?’ A common question that will come to your mind.

11 Best Investment Options

Therefore, let’s go through various investment plans and options in India and find out which is the best. To find the best we come in the heart and soul of various properties.

  1. Investment in Debt

This is the safest investment option and favorite loan tools are FDs of nationalized banks, post offices and government bonds.

Let us see how they work, work, regularly pay interest and return our principles on time. They borrow us at low rates and give it high rates in small, big businesses, corporations, development projects.

Most of these borrowers, entrepreneurs, companies actually perform well, pay interest, and pay debts to principals to the banks and still earn profit for themselves. This is the reason why all nationalized banks, post offices, pay us regular interest and pay our principal without any failures and still earn profit.

In fact, our so-called safe investment income-interest is paid by nationalized banks, post offices, thus these are made by borrowers, companies, entrepreneurs, which require some social, economic, technical, practical, efficiently and effectively man’s needs. Complete.

Thus, the money is created by some type of entrepreneurship which adds value to the improvement of society. After becoming a banker, a company is essential entrepreneurship that brings together two needy groups together – the lenders to the borrowers and the borrowers, entrepreneurs, businessmen.

Banks also fund housing, helping home buyers to make an important asset for the customers. Banks have to widen the banks and make faster customers for funding vehicles.

Everywhere and everywhere we start from civilization, we see that entrepreneurship alone has made human life better by innovation, invention by fire, wheel, lever, farming by agriculture, and robots and so on and for the betterment of society Adding the price.

So, the loan is a safe investment option. This happens when you do not want to take any risk and want a minor return on your investment, you choose a loan. This is not the best investment option

Let’s move forward in further investment options.

  1. Gold Investments

Gold is a precious metal. But, it remains stable, static and it is a stable idle property. 100 grams of gold does not grow up to 105 grams nor fall to 95 grams. Neither its accuracy varies from 22 carats to 24 carats or vice versa.

It does not grow, changes, quantitatively and not qualitatively Therefore, investing in gold is nothing but the object or item than the investment option.

The price fluctuation in these assets is entirely due to demand and supply power, and not because of any change in their internal value, the actual value.

But, however, a stable passive property is a special object because all its qualities, beauty, indivisibility, union value, universal acceptance, liquidity etc. are included.

A jeweler, an entrepreneur, adds beautiful jewels and adds value to gold and sells them in profit. But, the same jewelry loses value when it is brought back for resale.

It has been observed that when the recession occurs, the prices of gold are increased; Stock stumbling, uncertainty, lack of confidence and vice versa.

In the last 400 years, data on gold prices has been established that Gold has always kept purchasing power safe but given very little actual returns. Extraordinary returns in the patch have been removed for the second time in a low or negative return.

Therefore, Gold is not the best investment option, but it is a commodity and static passive property. Returns are also uncertain

  1. Diamonds as an investment option

Diamond is one of the most expensive crystals in the world. In India, the average diamond of a carat is approximately Rs. 3 lakhs (where the cost of 3 carat diamonds was 50 lakh rupees.

Its extremely thick value and portability, Diamond provides a form of emergency money for dictators, ruler, super rich on panic flying.

Like gold, Diamond is also an object. It remains stable, stable, it is stable idle property. If you buy 2 carat diamonds, keep it for 20 days or 20 years, it does not grow upto 3 carats nor does the number 1 Diamond No. 2 Diamond be made.

There is no funness in it. Being brittle, it can easily be scratched, damaged. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain quality in a large number of quality is difficult, subjective. Therefore, no loan is given as a protection against Diamond.

Due to all there is no terminal market for diamonds, which results in no liquidity.

So diamond is not an investment option for anyone, you can buy diamond and it can be used to keep expensive gem.

Proceed to explore our search for the best investment plan.

  1. Silver

Silver is a poor cousin of gold. Like gold, it is also a stable and inactive property. It is also a commodity with investment option. It is affected by the climate, oxidation becomes more volatile and less liquid than gold.

Generally silver is about 2% of the business value.

Reference: How To Remove Silver from Used X-rays

This is not a good investment option, it only has figurative value

  1. Real Estate Investing (REI)

People say, real estate is the best and safest investment option, right?

Instead, real estate is a high investment option – you need a minimum of 15-20 lakhs to buy some assets in 3-level level cities. In addition, RE’s title of RE is always risky due to issues in the dispute.

Many frauds have been observed. The cost of the transaction is also high because approximately 10% of the cost is RE. There is very little liquidity that you can sell worth 1 ton of gold. 300 million and realize money in a few days.

But, when you are in desperate need, you can not get the price of one bedroom flat for the entire year even at the third year.

At the right time and at the right place, you need knowledge, a lot of experience, perspective and a lot of money for the correct type of RE. Up and up, to build REE, it needs to keep power from 5 years to 10 years. Investment safe and profitable

For most of us it is not easy offer. Like stock market or gold markets, there is no market for REE. Where a fair price is discovered.

Real estate is also static and passive property. A 1000 square feet flat, 10,000 square feet plot, or 10 acres of agricultural land change or even for 20 days or 20 years, automatically grows.

Real estate is also a very special static passive property, which has very important use in every area of ​​our life. Owner of the house has the lifelong ambition of emotional-emotional satisfaction for almost everyone.

Of course RE In real sense, there are some important uses like building your home, home, school colleges, factories, roads, shopping malls, offices and so on, entrepreneurship can add a lot of value to it.

Before investing in Real Estate, you have to consider all the above situations. Real estate is also not the best investment option. Before we go to more investment options, keep your curiosity.

  1. Painting / Antiques

Interested and super rich can buy paintings / antiques to show. These are a shortage of time and fungus affected by climate. They do not have the terminal market and liquidity.

Apart from this, the number of paintings / antiques is not made in number of paintings / antiques in a few days or years. And it does not grow, change, quantitatively and not qualitatively It remains stable, static too. This is a static idle property.

Therefore, this is definitely not a good investment option.

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  1. Carbon Credit

This one tonne CO2 has been obtained to prevent greenhouse gases from going into the environment using green renewable energy. It has a little liquidity

Maybe it’s okay for companies involved in energy business, but at least now there is certainly no good investment option for individuals.

  1. Commodities

Some traditional examples of items are grains, gold, oil and natural gas. Recently, products like foreign currencies and indexes have been included in it. Commodities are traded on commodities exchanges.

Some issues related to the goods are storage, decay and quality variables making assessment difficult.

This can be good for traders in a special item. But, otherwise a risky investment option with little logic.

  1. Foreign exchange

The word foreign currency stands for foreign currency Forex trading is the trade of currencies from each other against different countries, for example the US dollar against the euro.

So, foreign exchange is not a property, but there is a contract at the exchange rate. It is speculative, not an asset, no investment option.

  1. Derivatives Investment Plan

Derivatives are contracts on the underlying assets and the assets are not very risky and certainly not a prudent investment option.

  1. Equity Investments

Buying a company’s share means buying the smallest unit of ownership in a company or enterprise. There are several good companies growing in the combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 18% of the 5000 companies listed on BSE and NSE.

This means that their net profit (NP), earnings per share (EPS) is doubling every 3 to 4 years. As a result, his book value (BV) and real value are also increasing and doubling in every 3 to 4 years.

After all these properties bent deep in the heart and soul, it is crystal clear that human entrepreneurship, dreams, expertise, alone, value addition, are responsible for building property in this world.

And from the perspective of investors in top human enterprises, there are good corporate companies listed on BSE. And NSE For the many advantages of investment in listed companies

Therefore, equity shares of well-growing companies grow at all times, internal prices are real, dynamic, creative, assets in real value and therefore, undoubtedly the best investment option and asset class.

Harvilas Meena

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