Top 5 Different Types of Online Data Entry Jobs that You Can Earn From

Online data entry from the Internet is easy with many openness available on the Internet to get a job. This is just a matter of speed and accuracy. So what does the data entry operator do? How is this possible on the internet? this is easy. Data entry operators enter important and necessary information in the employer’s processing system.

You do not have to be highly qualified for this, but you must have good communication skills and really fast typing capability. Apart from this, you may need to keep an eye for good listening skills and expansions.

You can work in many variations and the best part you can work from home. Here we will discuss 5 different types of data entry jobs where you can earn good extra income.

Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator

What is Data Entry Job?

The data entry operator is similar to the virtual assistant. An office sits in the office to answer the phone and insert data into the computer, but a virtual assistant works from home and sends everything through the internet.

With being aware and flexible about business conditions, they are open to online data entry jobs.

It is believed that employees are more productive when they work from home and choose their working hours. Companies can cut costs because they do not provide employees with workplace and other facilities.

But data entry job is a stable job and you may have to spend desktop daytime. Naturally, these jobs are hard, repeated and thus can be boring at times.

But this is the easiest way to get extra cash at home. Data entry jobs are required for financial industry, retail industry, consumer products, insurance companies, etc.

In the financial industry, data entry workers enter personal information, bank transactions, and other financial data in their systems; Which includes jobs with banks, accounting firms, stock brokerage firm loan service corporations and government agencies.

In the retail industry, data entry operators register catalogs, enter pricings and inventory information.

They may sometimes have to process incoming and outgoing orders, which are packages and delivery. The Consumer Products section includes tabling of customer complaints, concerns and comments in data entry jobs.

The insurance company will need data entry workers to input the claims information into their system. To read the evidence and to correct the mistakes, you may be hired to review previously recorded data.

Top 5 Online Data Entry Jobs

I am here to explain 5 different online entry jobs so you can decide which is the best for you.

Data Entry Keyer

You will get numbers, items and other data to enter the computer software. It involves entering data from licenses, checks etc. After entering data, it is checked for mistakes or missing data.

You may have to find the data between the many documents available. You do not need formal training for this situation because the employers provide continuous instruction on the job.

Word Processor or Typist

Here you must enter the data that is used to create letters, mailing labels, reports etc. You should be good with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. A word typist has to format texts and prove work.

You may have to work on technical goods and you may have to use statistical data to create charts, graphs and tables. You do not need any formal training here, as well as you learn and gain skills on your work.


You have to type the data because you listen to a previously recorded dictation and transmit the data into the necessary reports and documents. Here you need to have good grammar understanding and really have good typing speed.

A transcription can bring data entry jobs into medical firms, law firms etc. For this situation, you need formal training in transcription at a business institution.

Data Entry Clerk

These employees also enter information in the database. You can get full-time status through this because many companies provide data entry service to their customers. For this job you have to type fast and accurate.

Your attention on data, the ability to identify mistakes and focus on the details are important and necessary skills. These skills can help you identify minor anomalies and allow supervisors to alert them; So get promotions for yourself.

Filling Up the Online Form

You have to fill the online form with specific details already given. These highly competitive market companies want to be at the top of the Internet search list, so they pay huge amount to companies filling out online forms for these companies.

Where can you earn; It is implied that you do not need a lot of formal education for these jobs. These jobs are viable and can be done from the comfort of your home. Teenagers, college graduates and housewives can take anyone as a part-time job, as a source to earn some extra cash at the end of the day.

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