How to Increase Organic Traffic upto 500% within a Year?

Blogging is one of the most powerful modern marketing mediums. The only problem is that you can not expect success overnight. Why? Because it’s a marathon and not just a sprint! So, always go the word! 

Increase Organic Traffic
Increase Organic Traffic

When I compiled blog marketing resources, I mentioned that I do not have a blog propaganda strategy. Even so, I wanted to share my blogging strategy with you and felt it better to publish a new blog post.

So, in this way I came up with this topic and it is all that I have increased my organic traffic from 250 to 1,500 to 3,000, without spending money.

Here is my blogging journey

When I first started blogging in the minis, in 2009, I did not have a content strategy and I chose random topics such as technical tips and news, affiliate reviews, marketing tips and news, how-to etc.

So, obviously most blog posts were average and literally the blog became “yet another WordPress blog”. But, the good thing was – it was an average of approximately 250-300 organic visits till 2013.

Later in 2014, I decided to revise the blog and started publishing material deeply. Therefore, I chose those topics which are related, supported by one or the other, keyword research and competitive analysis.

Then, I noticed that organic traffic began to grow at a much higher rate than ever before.

In just 11 months, I was able to increase organic traffic to 250 to 1500 days per day without any off-page work.

Low quality content can affect the ranking of the whole site on some parts of the website, and thus can remove low-quality pages, individual merge or improve the content of shallow pages to more useful pages, or less Quality pages can take you to a different domain, ranking your high quality content.

Since I was changing the entire website architecture, I decided to change my design too and switched to Genesis WordPress Framework by StudioPress.

Once again, I changed almost everything to “on-page” and optimized everything as much as possible, result? Organic traffic began, and in just 6 months, blog traffic retrieved 100% lost traffic and it reached pre-panda organic traffic levels of over 1,500 visits a day.

I did not stop

Except that, at this time, instead of creating fresh content, I would like to improve the quality of existing blog posts and other on-page factors such as interlinking, page speed optimization, broken link fixing, duplicate content and highly customized pages, sitemap optimization etc. Focused on improving.

As a result, I once again doubled the biological traffic in 10 months and visited more than 3,000 times a day.

Increasing the number of blog posts produced is a sure way to increase the organic traffic of any blog. As you increase the number of blog posts, the number of keywords you target also increases at a very high rate, and it naturally attracts more organic traffic.

The number of blog posts needed to double the traffic depends entirely on your industry, topics, viewers, current ranking etc.

For example, if you have a quality blog that is already enjoying high ranking for competitive keywords, then increasing the total number of blog posts up to 50% may be enough to double traffic and if you’ve increased the total number of blog posts by 100%, then this traffic, or even quadruple, traffic (unless Google slaps your blog with a penalty).

It works better when you target long tail keywords. Such keywords are very easy to rank and usually attract better quality traffic.

The one thing you should take care of is the quality of the blog post. When you increase the amount of blog posts published per week / month, it will not affect the quality of your blog in any way.

When the quantity and quality of your blog posts increases, your organic traffic increases. You can also improve the entire website architecture by adding existing blog posts in such a way that enhances the user experience. After all, this should also promote the ranking of all your high quality blog posts.

As you might have already seen, this blog post was not a tutorial or a list of tips to increase your blog traffic. But, I believe that it has given you some insight into the importance of a content strategy and its potential.

Here is a list of some random facts about my blogging journey that I believe will provide supplemental information about my blogging strategy:

  1. I never published a blog post because I wanted to make my blog active.
  2. When I choose a topic or get a topic idea, I usually start with Google Keyword Planner to make sure that the topic (or target keyword) is the demand for that topic.
  3. Make sure the blog post is timeless and can generate frequent traffic in the next few months / years.
  4. I also try to ensure that I can add all my blog posts on one side or the other.
  5. I add a lot to other web pages from my blog post, and in fact this blog’s bounce rate has increased significantly.
  6. Based on the subject and the word count, I take at least 12-15 hours to complete the blog post and sometimes more than that.
  7. When I started blogging, then I am about affiliate marketing

Was eager and tried various strategies and techniques. I soon learned that a solid affiliate campaign can bring thousands of dollars in a few days.

There was a time when I tried blogging daily but felt that it does not make any difference.

I would say that 365 blog posts or even less, you need to be super-blogger. Just make sure they are all timeless and will keep you busy all the time.

I believe – write today; Monetize tomorrow!

If you feel that there is a lack of clarity in the above mentioned point or you need additional information about it, then tell me through the comments given below and I will be happy to assist you.

Harvilas Meena

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