Make Money on Squidoo by Creating Lenses on Squidoo

Squidoo is a very famous website where you can earn money by making simple and high quality lenses. Creating a lens on Squidoo is making the same page on the Squidoo like creating a hub on the hubpages or blogposts on Blue.

You can make lenses about any topic that is your emotional. You can share about yourself, your daily life activities, about the products you are using, about the places you are viewing, cooking recipes, or even some tips. You can also write about Just create a lens on any topic, share it, enjoy and also, make a lot of money down.

Squidoo is a very high authority site and various people use Squidoo for different purposes. Some people use to highlight their profiles, some people use to share something with the world, organizations use to build their own site and company brand, many webmasters to get backlinks And many people use the squidoo as a way to make money.

Before making your lenses to make lenses and earning money, you need to understand. like –

Squidoo-Make Money on Squidoo
Squidoo-Make Money on Squidoo
  • You will not only become rich by making 1-2 lenses – You need to make a lens on a regular basis about various topics and try to make every lens as a featured lens in Squidoo. A special lens on squidoo will boost your ranking on the search engine as well as the squidoo.
  • If you do not make useful and high quality lenses you will not earn money. This means that you should write the original content in your lens and the length should be at least 350 words. Add 3-5 modules to each of your lenses.
  • There are thousands of other lensmasters at Squidoo. You should read the lens there and write the comments on their lens. This is useful because if you leave comments on your lens, they will know about your lens, read them and leave comments on your lens and your lenses will become popular and will be shown on squidoo.
  • Become an active user of Squidoo Forum Squidoo where you can talk with thousands of lensmasters on how to make great lenses, how to increase your squidoo earnings, etc.

On Squidoo you can earn a lot of money. Just take a look at some of these

  1. Amazon Module – This is the best way to make money on Squidoo. You can use the SQVIDU’s built-in Amazon module or yourself. Both ways you can make up 4% of each sale on Amazon through your lens.
  2. Google AdSense – Again a lot of earning methods. Squidoo uses its own Adsense ads on your lens and pays 50% of the revenue generated from your ad.
  3. In-Text Ads – This text link is a text ad that appears only in the text.
  4. Pictorial Search Advertising – If someone comes through search with some keywords on your keyword, then the graphic will display keyword-related ads.
  5. eBay module – This will display products from eBay and if there is any purchase, you will get paid for it. If users register for eBay for the first time by registering on eBay, you will earn more money.
  6. Talk about your own – Yes, you can also consider using affiliate programs such as commission junction or clickbank. Do not overuse them or use affordable affiliate programs because it is against SVDU’s TOS.

After you earn on the squadoo, your own program will be sent to PayPal at 15th position every month. You must have a PayPal account or if you do not have one you can create a new one at

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