Best Online Job for Students and Housewives

Part-time jobs have become the need of every other home especially for those students and freshers who come from other cities. The main reason is that in the last 5 years this city has seen a lot of increase.

Online Job for Students and Housewives
Online Job for Students and Housewives

There has been a sharp increase in the prices of reality estates and there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of people. To meet this demand, they need more money and this is why people are watching online for part-time income opportunities.

Sudha Got Part-Time Job?

After doing his degree in food and nutrition in 2007, Sudha Ghorseshwar was still working as a part-time lecturer on temporary basis. She was unable to get a good permanent job. Not satisfied with his current financial position, she started looking for some part-time job.

One day, when she was looking for part-time jobs, she came in an article on internet. She passed through the entire article on Google articles and learned that people can make big money by writing on what they know.

What is Google Adsense?

This is a very simple earning opportunity provided by Google to earn money through your blog or website. We just need a simple blog where we can write about what we know and can share it with the world.

People come online to get information and if they find your website or blog useful, they will come to your site, read it and then come back. You can place Google AdSense ads on your site and you will be paid each time, your site visitors click on those ads.

Since Sudha had no technical knowledge, she thought it would be difficult to create a site. But after going through one of our Adsense training programs, she came to know that it is just a child.

Creating a site with WordPress is very easy. After receiving the training, he was able to create a blog in 30 minutes. No technical knowledge or IT background is required.

How did Sudha use Adsense for part time jobs?

She started a WordPress blog where she used to write on food and nutrition. She made a habit of writing at least 1 article in his blog. After some time, he begins to refer to his library books on food and nutrition to learn more about the subject.

After two and a half months, when Sudha was getting traffic from Google and social media sites, she applied for an AdSense account and approved it in 24 hours.

After placing an AdSense ad on his blog, he earned $ 40 in his first month, $ 130 in the second month and $ 350 in the third month. 1 year later his blog was giving average income of $ 1000 per month.

While doing a lecture job, she was not even making 25% income with the same knowledge. Now she is focusing on opening more blogs on other topics. She also teaches many needy people who are looking for opportunities to earn any part time earnings.

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