Top 10 Mobile Companies with the Largest Users

With every passing year, the world enters into a new era of progress in technology and development. Anyone in the present world can survive on the basis of development in technology.

Samsung Galaxy S4-Smartphone-Top 10 Mobile Companies
Samsung Galaxy S4-Smartphone-Top 10 Mobile Companies

It has become the need of the modern world. Referring to modern world technological progress, it is probably impossible to ignore mobile phones and their manufacturers.

From a small heavy mobile phone to a sleek and stylish smartphone, it has not been a long journey since mobile companies came with some great features and applications, which give tough competition to each other regarding the number of users. Here are the top 10 mobile phone companies, take a look!

  1. Samsung

One of the most qualified in the list of mobile phone companies, Samsung appears at the top of the list. Progress in technology and the growth provided by this northern Korean company is surprisingly attractive and attracts its fans and mobile phone lover towards the brand. Nobody can ignore the diversity of the variety provided by Samsung, which makes it the top choice of users.

  1. Nokia

One of the world’s top mobile phone companies, Nokia’s list has been found to be another giant, second in our list. It is a Finnish multinational communications and IT company. Shortly before the invention of Android or iPhone, there was no other than Nokia on the mobile phone market. It recently sold its business to Microsoft.

  1. Apple

In the mobile phone manufacturing game, Apple is the third largest player, which is surprisingly popular among smartphone lovers. This American multinational company is limited to only smartphone production and provides unique and superb features that automatically automate users.

  1. LG

Another South Korean mobile phone company in the list after Samsung, LG is also worth having one of the best manufacturers of mobile phones. LG is definitely an old name in the field of electronics, which does not require a better introduction to the fact that it sold 69.02 mobile phones in 2013, a big record in the company’s history.

  1. ZTE

The first Chinese mobile phone vendor in the list, ZTE, remained at the fifth position in the top ten companies list. ZTE sold 67.34 million phones.

  1. Huawai

Next in the list is another mobile phone company from China. Yes, it is none other than Huawei which is considered as the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world. Huawei registered a profit of US $ 5.5 billion.

  1. TCL

What a wonderful thing to see another Chinese company to be in the list of the world’s best mobile phone companies. Looks cool and supplement for China! Not only does the mobile phone deal in this television set, washing machine, air conditioner and other electronic devices.

  1. Lenovo

The next appearance in the list ensures that China has undoubtedly captured the market of mobile phone makers. Yes, Lenovo is another Chinese multinational computer technology company. This was made to sell 45.28 million phones.

  1. Sony

After moving to business in most diverse fields, Sony is the next largest company in our list. It is a Japanese multinational company and has become the first and final choice of its users who have become addictive to their products. Its latest Android smartphones are wonderful and valuable to experience at least once in the lifestyle.

  1. Yulong

Last in the list, another Chinese company replaces HTC (a huge in smartphone vendors) with the name Coolpad, a company named Yulong Brand. It is considered the largest smartphone company in China, which sold 32.60 million mobile phone sets.

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