Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Affiliate Program

You can monetize your blog to earn affiliate marking money. Although a little bit similar to other advertising options, affiliate advertising has its own world. This requires a brand new and different marketing approach. And if it is felt correctly, then it has a great potential. Affiliate ads can earn a lot more for you than normal ads.

Perfect Affiliate Program-Click2Sell
Perfect Affiliate Program-Click2Sell

But it is very hard and precision. Before considering affiliate marketing, however, the first thing you need to think about is to choose the appropriate affiliate program. If you find this step right, the ‘exact’ part of your campaign is running well. Here are some tips that can guide you through the process of choosing the entire affiliate program.

Terms of agreement

Before signing up for an affiliate program, you need to look at the terms and conditions of the contract. You need to make sure the agreement is not against your interest. No suspicious clauses, and I can leave the program completely. For example, if the payment limit is high, then say more than $ 50, or if the payment is not monthly, or if the trader can be terminated at any time by the trader, then I will not be involved in that program.

Rate of commission

After this, you should decide whether it is worth the effort or not. This is not always about the commission rate. People think better. But this is not always true. For example, if a program gives you 75% commission, but the product is equal to $ 5, then there is no use to pursue that program. If, on the other hand, the commission is 25%, but for products $ 100 or more, you have a good deal of yourself. It also depends on potential customers. If there are around 100 customers per month for $ 5 product, but there are only a couple for $ 100, then the former is more valuable. It’s all about calculating the value.

Assess the market

Before jumping on an affiliate program, consider which product you will promote, and what their market value is. Run a Google search and find out if people are looking for such content. For example, you know that cell phones are a large market of accessories, because almost every day a cell phone is present. It may be worthwhile to sell such goods. But things like gardening equipment do not kick much. To be worth it, you can get only a few hits per month. Therefore, before choosing this program, it can pay to reach the market of the product.

Product range

An affiliate program that has a good range of products for sale, can be beneficial for a long time. You can not stick to just one product. As soon as your blog grows, your outreach is also there. You may need to promote more products. So choosing a big affiliate program like Samzon can pay.


The concept of targeted marketing applies here. It means promoting products to people who are really interested in them. The products you want to promote should be strongly related to the topic you are writing. So before choosing an affiliate program, ask yourself. What are my viewers? What do people come to on my blog? And what kind of products (if any) can be interested in? In my example above cooking, my viewers are people who are looking for ways to make food or suggestions for cooking better. Now if the device makes the process easy, then they would like to buy that device, this is the reason that I would probably put an affiliate link there. See my issue

You have to support products

Before signing up for an affiliate program, take a good look at the product or service you will approve of. This is a very important step. You really need to motivate yourself so that others follow your example. Believe in the product. In this way you can do to persuade others. For example, if you are writing about cooking, then you can say something like, “This product is really the best job, because it is strong, trustworthy and easy to use.” It will show that you know what you are talking about, and you really believe in the product.


Your next concern should be quality. The type of products you promote promotes a lot about you The products you are going to sell should be of good quality. And the sites you link to. Valid and quality programs and products are key to your success, because people always look for validity and authenticity.


After passing those preliminary tests after a program, you should see information about the management of the program. First of all, send an email to the contact person of the program to check your response time. Maximum tolerant delay is 24 hours, as well, do not hesitate to contact the affiliate manager. An unresponsive or unsuitable affiliate manager is not a good sign. For any company, the relationship with your partners is important. That’s why you are a manager or contact

With their customer relations department, then in fact, it is not advisable to join such a program. Viewership Another program that goes to choose an affiliate program is your audience demographics. More specifically, their locality Not all programs ship products to all countries, even not Samzon. If a product is not available to your audience in a particular country, then it is your effort only under the drain. Context Finally, you should ask the Program Manager to provide contact information of some of his top colleagues – who they should be happy to do, ask your fellow colleagues what their experience in the business has been. Using these guidelines every time I choose an affiliate program, it has helped me to succeed and rarely wonder. In addition, major affiliate networks, linkshare, stay free, and commission junction are finally taking steps to help the colleagues understand the traders with whom they are working. Now there are mechanisms that allow colleagues to easily choose which programs take less risk. These were my best tips on how to choose a good affiliate program for your blog. If you have any other great tips, you are more than welcome to share them. Cheers

Harvilas Meena

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