Top Ten Worst Money Making Blogs

Online money making business has reached new heights nowadays. And all of them are blogging. Getting your hands on good blogging websites can be really difficult, which can actually help you make the wrong money because choosing the wrong website can ruin your idea of ​​earning money. In essence, it is very difficult to know which blogging site is the worst for making money online. 

We have a list of 10 worst-selling blogs.

  1. SuperAff 

    SuperAff Blog
    SuperAff Blog

Some articles are very excited on this website, but some of them do not understand and the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ links are also empty at the top of this website’s page and it has no use for money.

  1. Murray Newlands

Possibly any person who has never heard of this boy and the main reason is that the blog that makes this money is a total flop because it is devoid of any real information and it is composed of useless interviews and completely undiscovered posts Reviews.

  1. Jason M. James

Readers will need to sign up on their spam list on the blog, which is basically the same pattern to follow as John Cho’s Business Model.

  1. Making Money Mommy

Mommloggers are obviously a blog, especially for those moms who have a decent computer and internet connection, but the only thing they teach these women are they are capable of working easily for $ 10 per hour. Can be outsourced.


This blog was reputed for its first time, but now it has the most obvious connections with people and motivates and celebrates new ones to join the new $ 5k turnout fee SEO Meetings.

  1. Blackhat World

This blog is full of people who can earn a lot of money by dramatizing girls so that they can chat long and affect people on signing up for dating services which are totally awesome.

  1. Digital Point Forums

This habitat is a gutter from third world scammers who asks to click on their own adsense ads to create a rare dollar in a month.

  1. PineCone Research

The reward center of this website is completely confused and people also have difficulties paying through PayPal.


Sometimes sometimes there are broken surveys and many of them are very similar, which can cause problems with the payment.

  1. One Poll

The average amount that can be earned is very low and some surveys reward you as a reward and not.

Harvilas Meena

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