5 Ways to Unfriend on Facebook!

Some friends may be really upset, they actually post in a restaurant or driving while also posting to your wall. Friendly friends like Facebook are rude and ignorant to be like a lifelong tag. Obviously, every one of us wants to be sweet, especially on social networking sites, all you have to do is become smart in what you do, and especially when it comes to humiliating a friend Never press the Ignore button or press the sweet tackles and enjoy not being ignorant, but when you are really ignorant! 

Facebook Friends-2
Facebook Friends-2

1) Do not worry

You can see tens of notifications from a single friend who just like to click on the ‘Post’ button, but when you actually only have five minutes to see if you are really only five minutes , And what is your best friend, and why do you crawl through your entire activity, and believe me that you will end up losing important notifications Because you have been wasting your time on people who do not care what you think.

Solution – Mute post, it really works very cute, just click the arrow in the upper right part of the post and choose ‘Hide’, and Bingo! You go there, are notified only with important people who care about your suggestions.

2) See what you want to see

If a friend gets notified notification, then you can change the changes you want to see, surely you do not care about whatever you comment about others, but you worry What games are they playing or what is happening, when they are married or have passed or failed in the module, then be called here as a so-called friend You have to keep an eye out for the sector.

Solution – Teller updates from a friend, go to top-right, click ‘hide’, then go to ‘Change the updates you receive’. Check what you want to see and enjoy reading and reading short stories, despite being ignorant and completely pushing them out of your life, life

3) Who do you want to see

Surely you care about what your teacher thinks about you, instead what your teacher has posted during the exam, and so do not care what your teacher says the whole year and Where is the next party. Times change, then do things too, why does your news feed continue? You need to manage and organize your news feed, because you have to scroll through life with simple and safe time through unnecessary posts.

Solution- Organize your news feeds by organizing what you see in a news feed by switching it off Facebook is going to simplify your life with some questions to customize your feed experience and once you come through a small and fairly simple process, enjoy freedom. You have to think that how it is different from preparing an update from a friend, the answer is very simple, the tool actually tells you which friends you have not recently talked to, and you go there, take it here Your clue is for You will know who is important and who is not, so just here you are reducing them.

4) Dangerous to share

There may be many things you post, certainly you do not want to see all the people, or you know the conditions better. Be smart to reduce your parent or girlfriend / boyfriend to see what you have posted and enjoy freedom on Facebook instead of ending the fight because they caught the red hand that they posted to you.

Solution – You can customize what you share, so that some of your friends can opt out of seeing that post by selecting custom share settings. Click the drop-down box that appears next to the post button and enjoy the freedom to click on ‘Custom’.

5) The ‘restricted’ or ‘acquaintances’ choice is yours

You may find it time to list customs or reduce your friends, but if you knew that Mark Zuckerberg has spent hours in making lists called ‘restricted’, ‘familiar’, ‘close friends’ Some can understand Keeping someone in such a list ensures how much they can track your activities.

Solution – Add to limited lists, create a list, find and click the Friends tab in the left-hand menu, or if you are already in the list by entering the desired name in the right hand, you can add friends too ‘In this list’.

Enjoy life which was not easy with Facebook first.

Harvilas Meena

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