10 Amazing Websites to Submit Articles in 2019 to Make Money Online

If you are a competent writer and do not expect to establish your own online empire at any time, then you have some great opportunities that are waiting for you, fortunately, some clicks are just off. There are hundreds of sites that can pay you very well in return for your writing-up and some websites where you can submit your articles and earn money online as the name includes the following names.

have a look!

  1. Squidoo

The articles here have been submitted in the form of lenses and it also works as a social work network so that you can connect with thousands of users. You can easily earn from $ 1 to $ 10 with a lens and the site will pay you the payment through PayPal.

Squidoo-Websites to Submit Articles
Squidoo-Websites to Submit Articles
  1. Hub Pages

Here you can write several hubs about useful and unique topics and earn $ 100 from Google AdSense or advertising program and withdraw your cash via PayPal.

  1. ContentBLVD

This is a site that is a collaboration between blog owners and authors, but one must first meet the application criteria and with each article you can earn from $ 12 to $ 48 and payment for blog can be obtained. PayPal

  1. Helium

This is a well-written quoenoid community and you can write about topics of your choice under the site’s dashboard. The payment limit is about $ 25. Helium pays money through PayPal and cash can be withdrawn twice a month.

  1. Cloudcride

Money can be made by typing small projects on topics related to product description and content writing. The amount of indemnity received from CloudCrowd is $ 30 per work and the writer is required to extract money that holds a PayPal account.

  1. Triond

This is another writing community where you can already submit articles posted on other sites, where it is allowed to post videos, audio and images with the article. The minimum payment can be earned is $ 10 per article and can be collected through PayPal.

  1. Epinions

This is a great website for all those people who like writing reviews about different products that can be either constructive or destructive. The minimum payment received from this site is approximately $ 100 and can only be collected through check.

  1. Break Studio

The topics relevant to writing articles and making money are provided to you and if the article gets approved payment, then PayPal can be collected up to $ 8 per article.

  1. Bukisa

Once you log in to the site, you can write content of your choice and publish them whenever you want. Payments can be collected through PayPal for $ 100.

  1. Flixya

This is a Google AdSense revenue sharing site and you can be paid up to $ 1250 by blogging and sharing videos and images, and 100% of your share revenue is provided to you in every way.

There are really good platforms to enjoy making money online in the above share website 2019.

Harvilas Meena

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