18 Facebook Contents that Makes it Special!

The need for relationships to create social media lives is becoming and managing them only online. Now that you know that you can invite your friends and family through the walls or even by leaving a message on Facebook. One good question is that you can always be left with many valid answers that what Facebook really helped to earn this respect in the online world. Here are 18 of the most valid and interesting content that helps Facebook become the second most desirable and visited site in the world! 

Facebook Wall-Facebook Contents
Facebook Wall-Facebook Contents

1) Facebook Wall

This timeline is much ahead of the introduction story, where users generally preferred to post new comments where the friend could change / delete comments. Originally the walls were used as a white board during interactive between friends. In 2006, “Mini Feed” was introduced in the wall where users could see their activities. In 2011, the wall has been replaced by the timeline where the posting is in the reverse chronological order, which is generally preferred.

2) Beacon

Facebook Beacon Facebook collaborated and collaborated with eBay, Blockbuster and a few other sites. Activities on these sites were reported on the new feed as user feed activity. The troubling issue that dropped it down, the user could not opt ​​out of the whole thing; They have to go through case-to-case.

3) Facebook cow

Facebook has grown through tremendous changes and improvements, and one of the obvious changes was missing the face of the obscure person with a binary code which was present at the top left of the Facebook header. Now you can just add your cover photo or profile and enjoy easy tracking by friends.

4) Fan Pages

Before 2007, businesses and brands could only submit themselves to Facebook through sponsored pages, but later by the end of 2007, Facebook announced fan pages so that businesses could be able to create their own pages. It can be transmitted among users and thus it has become important online marketing tool for businesses.

5) Virtual gift

Have you ever spent money on buying a gift picture? If not, you have really missed shopping through Facebook credits, because it was the first time you could spend real money on Facebook so that you can buy virtual gifts to post on your friend’s wall. The service went away only after 3 years of launch in 2007.

6) Facebook group

Your groups mainly define the type of people you are involved and the personality of the person you are interested in. At the beginning, it was difficult to create an intercollegiate group. They were only networks, so if the students of Yale and Manchester wanted to live in the same group, they had to make different chapters essentially. But now you can add anyone the only bet that he should be a user of Facebook.

7) News feeds

It is the only fossil that is in renewable You can still see it today. This is the main criminal who has created addiction. In the beginning, with a click on a news feed from your friend, you can go through every step of your way, but now it has become easy, with one click you can see what it is, it looks like a refrigerator. Is where you can see but you are not sure what you are seeing.

8) Wall to wall

“Did you wall ana and shayen from the wall? It seems that they were fighting”, yes right! To stalk people’s friendships, lives and comments we continually use them to click further and further.

9) Profiles with hyperlinked text

Most users describe it as a CID, because it is never available on Earth to check for yourself. In your name to your previous school, old friends, in hobbies, you have all your questions to answer. In essence, if you want to remember everything after dementia then your profile has the right information.

10) Original status update

“Your name is …” was the basic way to tell what you are doing, but now Facebook has made it easy. You just have “what’s in your mind?” Or need to answer “what is happening”.

11) Poke

The iconic, large clone of the snapshot is finally deprived of its end. However, on the release day, this free app was in the No. 1 position in the Store listing, but it came down to 50th place within just four days. Facebook is recently conducting an interview so that it can be left soon.

12) Courses

School-only facility, where you can choose which class you wanted to participate in based on your school’s curriculum list. It was a good way to stalk potential classmates before the first day or you could buy or sell books for a better deal than the campus store. App closed in 2007.

13) Notes

Have you ever tried blogging on Facebook? History shows that it was impossible to blog. Although the features of the notes are still alive but they are hidden in navigation. You can see them by adding “Notes” after your profile URL, or by clicking the arrow to expand the title on your profile page. But once you Tagged on a note that you have to answer because notes were created to get more information about you by your friends about you.

14) Integrity box

Your answers have been received without telling your friends that you are asking by sending anonymous questions to those questions? You can send messages without your name or identity that you like or hate, so that they can know what you think about them. This was one of the oldest apps, but has been discontinued since 2007.

15) Bumper sticker

This is a third party app through which you can post colorful images. You can still send a bumper sticker to a friend.

16) Pirate language

Enjoy the fracture of other games with others in the pirate language with words. Once activated, your entire profile will switch to a new pirate language. In Examples, “1 Sorry Lout thinks they’re friends!” Rather than “1 person added you as a friend,” and “what’s in your mind?” Instead of “What’s upsetting”

17) “Very close to missiles, I’m switching to guns”

This is an app that cites famous sentences from most movies. For example, “very close to missiles, I’m switching to guns” is from top guns.

18) Snowball fight and food fight

Check out the menu, and after that if you are not responding to the spot, throw a virtual food on the wall of your friends and maybe even snowball.

There is no doubt that there are many other interesting elements that can be different from the person on the basis of likes and dislikes, however, the above mentioned points are those who have brought good revenue for the Facebook team too.

Harvilas Meena

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