Buff Up Your WordPress Dashboard with Fluency Admin Plugin

WordPress Dashboard, though rich in features, can be somewhat boring, especially if you view it regularly. But fortunately, WordPress is a very popular CMS, for which many plugins are available. There is nothing in the stone, right? Taking advantage of the large plugin list, you can change the look of your WP dashboard and admin area. One such great plugin is Fluency Admin.

Fluency Admin Plugin
Fluency Admin Plugin

The Fluency admin, quite easily, brings the flow of administrative work to your blog. This plugin was created for competition created by WordPress. This competition was centered around developing ‘Dashboard Plugins’ which would enhance the blogger’s admin experience. The plugin was created by Dean Robinson. Since its creation, there have been some changes that make your blogging experience even better.

Why use it?

Regardless of the many updates, the WordPress Administrative Pages have been quite similar in relation to their design. It has always been a boring, brown ISH interface with which you have to work. The default colors are very monotonous, and boring. And there is no crime for people in WordPress, but the WP Blogging interface is not the best. Also, there are a lot of clicks in it, and it slow down the process.

I’m not really a fan of the WordPress interface. When I first used Blogger after WordPress, I was impressed. Who is thinking of me; How can I customize the WordPress interface to see it and perform better? Who lead me to the Fluency Administrator. This is one of the best design related plugins for WordPress.


According to the WordPress site, “Fluency admin promotes the WordPress Admin interface with a new style and some great features.” And there really are some really amazing features in it.

 Attractive contrast colors and custom color schemes

 hover-active sub menu. Hovering on menu items slides out the attractive, transparent sub-menu.

Menu You can set up hotkeys for menu items so that you do not have to search for them and do not click them.

Disable sidebar for maximum workplace. You can still get full control using the admin bar at the top.

Add your own logo to customize your WordPress!

Touch-friendly menus for tablets and other touch screen devices

 Easily switch between fallen menu and icon menu.

 New and customized fluency login styles.

These were some of the fundamental features of the Fluencei Administration. You need to try the plugin yourself to get a nitty-gritty description. However, this is a good tool for overhauling your WordPress admin area.

Installation and compatibility

Fluency 3.2 The latest version of this plugin is available. Currently, it is only compatible with WordPress 3.2.x. So you can not install this version on older versions of WP.

To install this plugin, you can either add it to WP or upload it directly. To add the plugin, click on the “Add new” option under the plugin menu in WordPress. Search for “Fluensee Admin”, and select it. You will then be guided through simple steps.

Alternatively, you can upload full Flensi Admin Directory (which you have downloaded) in the / wp-content / plugins / directory. After that, you need to activate the plugin from the plugins menu in WordPress.


Download this plugin from WordPress site. You can find guides, FAQs and other help related to the plugin at this link.

If you like Fluency Admin and use it, tell us about your experiences. And if you are using any other option which is good, please tell us! Cheers

Harvilas Meena

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