How to Use Hashtags in Google Plus and Pinterest?

Social media has probably improved much more than anything else, including the Internet. In Orkut and MySpace, there was a lot about finding and connecting with people there. However today’s social media has become its world. Live or real time search on social media is now one of the most important features. 

Google Plus-Hashtags in Google Plus
Google Plus-Hashtags in Google Plus

This was first introduced by Twitter as a hashtag. Hashtag is a way of searching live through a unique algorithm that scans Tweets and shares for the hashtags present in them. This method has now been adopted by many websites, and it seems that it is growing in popularity. Hashtag is an effective way of keeping your Tweets and shares in mind, and it’s a great social networking feature that you can use. So are you using it effectively?

As stated, the hashtag has been adopted by many websites, i.e. Google Plus and providing more or less service to the same purpose: live, real-time search. People use it to follow their interests and catch on the latest trends. Therefore, it is a good idea to use hashtags when sharing with your brand or business, and it’s a beneficial Internet marketing strategy. Here’s how you should use your hashtag.


Pinterest is a brand new social network that has recently met amazingly popularity. It’s all about images, so it’s a new way to brand yourself and increase your reach, because the images spread like wildfire. And since there is no text-based sharing, if you need to add a text, then you have to do this under image details. Therefore, the hashtag should be placed inside the image details on Pinterest if you want them to be searchable and available globally.

Most content on Pinterest is hosted internally, and when someone portrays a picture, this does not duplicate. Instead, it is just linked to the original source. Therefore, only the original images will be publicized with the hashtag, and will not be reprinted. If you want to transmit your image, you should upload it as the original, and then keep the hashtag in the details.

Google Plus

What is the better company to integrate live search into its social network from search engine giant? Google Plus was another attempt by Google to use the power of social media. But after two consecutive failures in Orkut and Buzz, users did not know what to expect. However, Google had determined to make its mark and mark it, it happened. And when he began to start facilities for his social network, a search facility was expected.

On Google Plus, you use the hashtag in the same way you use them on Twitter. You can use them in your post, and you can use as much as you want. However, keep in mind that Google has integrated your live search with search results. You can occasionally see Google plus content in regular search results. This is an extra bonus, because people on Google Plus can not access your public content.

To make the best use of your hashtag on Google Plus, it is recommended that you use a combination of features, such as sharing and +1 your content so that your maximum content goes up in search results. Can.

Live search in social media has actually become an important player. Learn how to take advantage of it before it becomes difficult to compete. Have fun with your hashtag

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