Get Paid to Online Survey and Complete Online Offers for Cash

Do you know that there are many legitimate sites where you can pay for taking surveys and completing many other online offers for cash.

And yes, I will not ask for any investment for you. Everything is absolutely free and without any investment.

Believe me, I have been earning money from these sites for the past 2 years and after receiving constant payment from these sites, I am sure that anyone can make money from it.

More than 70,000 of our members are already earning cash and other awards from these sites and now this is your turn.

I will show you 6 sites and recommend you join all these sites for good income. In the beginning income is slow but if you work on these sites continuously, then your earnings will be multiplied in the next 1-2 months.


Pay for survey and online tasks with 6 GPT sites

Although there are many GPT (to pay) sites where you can pay to conduct online surveys and complete various tasks, but working on the best GPT sites will ensure that you do not waste your time and survey and many more Make an immediate payment to get simple offers.

If you are looking for complete survey sites online then you can find a list of 20 survey sites for money here. But GPT sites are a complete package where you can earn money by completing many other offers. Here are the sites-


There is no better site than ClixSense to make money online. I have been earning regularly for the last 4 years. 

ClixSense-Get Paid to Online Survey
ClixSense-Get Paid to Online Survey

I have already added my site to the list of one of the top PTC sites in the earlier post. But ClixSense is more than a PTC site because there are several ways to earn from clicks.

You can earn online by conducting online surveys, completing hundreds of simple offers and tasks, participating in the forums, and winning in ClicksGride Games. You can multiply your earnings by referring to your friends, relatives or any other person in ClixSense.

  1. Swagbucks

If you are living in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia, then this is the best way to make money.

Although you can earn with swagbucks if you are from India or other countries but there is no big scope. So if you are from India, then you can leave it and you can join the Cashtrack at number 4.

Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you can earn free items, including products of 1,000 to do daily things.

There are several ways to make payments, such as paying by swagbucks, playing games, completing online surveys, watching videos, buying daily deals, etc.

  1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of the oldest GPT sites with 65 million worldwide members. You can earn by doing survey here, completing offers and downloading an application from the site. You can also make cash by winning raffles, contests and lucky numbers.

If you want more cash, you can mention rewards to your friends and relatives through Facebook, Whatsapp and other ways, and earn 20% of the lifetime earnings.

You will be shown in earning coins and you will get $ 1 for every 100 coins. You can get your payment via PayPal, Betquin, Bank Transfer (US only) or gift card.

  1. CashCrate

CashCrate has been around since 2006 and there are more than 4 million members worldwide. It’s absolutely free to join, and thousands of members earn hundreds of dollars every month from cash credit.

Need proof? You can check your payment wall and see actual payments posted by real users. You can also go to CashCrate forums, where you can talk with other GP members about your experience with other GPT sites.

By completing surveys and many other proposals, referring to more people, you can earn money in cash crate.

You can earn 20% of your direct referral revenue and 10% of your direct referral revenue. Once you sign up and confirm your account, get $ 1.5 in the form of a bonus.

  1. Inbox Dollars

You can get paid for your online activity from Inbox Dollars. This is one of the well-known GPT sites owned by “Cotters Web Enterprises, Inc.”, which has great earning opportunities similar to SendEarnings.

You also earn 5% of your referrals earnings. They pay by check with at least $ 30.

Inbox gives you 3 paid emails from Inbox Dollars. You have to work hard to get your first payment because once you get the first payout, you will get a free gold membership and $ 5 bonus.

You simply check these emails and follow them to get paid.

  1. TreasureTrooper

The best money is to create a GPT site. Treasure Trooper has paid more than $ 6,675,000 to his members till date.

Complete the survey, fill out the form, fill the sample product, perform the money, can complete the task, play the mini games etc. To make more money, you can see people in Treasure Trooper. 20% from direct referrals and 5% from indirect for lifetime.

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