How to Approve Your Blog on BuySellAds?

Before starting blog, the first thing about bloggers is that there are many ads for your blog to earn money with each ad! Once your blog has been able to attract a huge traffic on a daily basis, you will see a bunch of offers to place an ad on your blog. However, in the beginning people who sometimes ignore is the fact that obtaining approval for advertising is not easy.


Hearing of

This is the most popular banner advertising site. Getting approval from can be as easy as if your plans are clear in your mind.

Here are the top 6 tips that you need to understand first and then apply to start advertising on your blog and earn money with it.

  1. Owns a domain name

There are thousands of blogs that have a lot of readers but are not making a penny with advertising. The reason for this is the fact that these sites do not have ownership of their professional domains. Making blogs on blogger or other revenue sharing websites is very easy and it is clever to know your advertisers. Always get a professional domain for your website that is owned by you so that the full benefits you get will be taken away for you.

  1. Attract readers – Hold on the traffic!

It is important to make it clear in your mind that your blog is nothing without your readers. The first step in blogging career is to attract a bigger traffic to strengthen the business base. Advertisers pay you to keep your ads on their blog only when they see that your blog is worth the investment. The second most important thing is that you should be aware of maintaining readership. Be smart enough and let your readers switch to the stage. Work on ways to increase traffic for your blog so that you can become a reader. Once you do this, your potential advertisers are very close to you.

  1. Keep Your Blog – Look At The Work

What do you see for the first time when you open the website? This is obviously, presence. The more attractive a blog, the more likely it is that advertisers will be attracted to it. On different blogs, people talk about colorful and awesome design, though, in fact, what works best for you that makes you unique; Keeping in mind that in your blog niche, demographics and reader comments of blogs, select a layout, looks the most decent and attractive at the same time. be creative!

  1. Feature BuySellAds on your blog

It may seem a bit awkward, but if you want your blog to be approved, then you have to make sure that you have shown BuySellAds on your blog. This way you keep an edge over other bloggers who have not done it. Although this does not mean that you have to have a complete post on BSA, quality will always be the key decision-making key.

  1. Chat with the world – Get the world on your website!

When you earn online, especially when online earning is the primary source of income, your conversation with the online world is very important. To understand it further, look at your online blogging business as an international business rather than the local business market. Socializing on social networks is a new trend, and in reality it does wonders for bloggers. What I see on different blogs, there are a large number of comments but there is no similar or tweet.

Now, this is the point where you should know the bunch of likes on Facebook, the bucket advertisers filled with Tweets on Twitter have to notice in the first glance. Work on getting more Facebook likes every post and you will see the miracle. In addition to social networking, visit other blogs of your own niche.

By doing this, you will present those people who can be your potential readers, thus increasing the probability of increasing traffic. Also, since you have enough information about your domain, you can show your credibility by sharing news on your thoughts and other forums.

  1. No compromise on quality content!

Readers go to their blog to learn, to maintain what they are searching for. If you are a genius and know about increasing the presence in search, you should be intelligent enough to provide quality content on your blog so that the bounce rate is low.

Always create fresh content for your blog so that readers can start trusting you. This is an important factor that decides your future in blogging career.

Harvilas Meena

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