How to Embed Facebook Posts in WordPress?

Facebook, being the world’s largest social networking site, has no boundaries to come up with new features to increase social circles, giving the whole world a social touch. Surprisingly, the site secures the first rank according to Alex’s ranking, even Google crosses the traffic used by daily. 

Embed Facebook Posts in WordPress
Embed Facebook Posts in WordPress

Due to its indomitable popularity, Facebook is turning into an official forum for celebrities, politicians, players and spokespersons who reveal their stories and hot news on their Facebook fan official pages. Keeping in view the importance of its importance, the team has recently launched a new feature with which bloggers and news breakers can now embed Facebook posts in Blogger, Blogger and at least in every website.

Here’s a detailed article about a simple tutorial about the feature and how to embed Facebook posts in particular.

New feature

If you are a blogger and use Facebook as a resource, then you should be aware how important Facebook videos are and make life easier, platforms allow you to embed video by providing the necessary HTML code. The methods are offered in your source code. Embedding the video was still very common and sites like YouTube and Dailymotion give you the same feature by allowing you to copy the code of the video and embed it in your blog.

At this time there is the idea of ​​integrating popular Facebook posts (and not videos) which are shared by celebrities and people who use Facebook as a means of contributing to their sayings and lives in social media. .

For example, with this feature, you can now embed official announcements, latest events and current issues are shared by those people who are eligible to discuss in your blog post. We recently briefly provided information about the birth of the Royal Baby George Alexander Louis and for the news that this Facebook embed post feature is like a magic wand where it can be shared with your readers gives more credibility to the content.

Embed Facebook Post in WordPress

Embeding Facebook post in WordPress is similar to the strategy for embedding the video. Here’s a quick and clear tutorial, take a look!

Phase 1:

Select a post that you want to embed into your WordPress account. Ensure that the post is set to public and its purpose is to share publicly.

Phase 2:

There is another option on the post that you are about to embed, click on it and select Embed Post.

Phase 3:

This will open a new box with your desired embedded HTML code, copy it.

Phase 4:

Now open your WordPress editor and switch to ‘text’ mode. Paste the copy code and press publish.

You have done!

Feature limits

Proposal, however, is not yet available for all pages, despite a significant value, but limited to the most trusted fan pages like the British Monarchy, Mashable etc. Although the team is working on it and is making it soon, an available feature for all publicly set posts to share.

Safety concerns

It is a dilemma that everything is good, there are always some security threats. With the said feature, anyone can embed your post that you accidentally forget to set up to share with friends and post it as a public post. It can lead to emerging serious issues.

Take it as a piece of advice and do not post pictures, contact numbers, even personalities as public posts, because by doing so, you always have your nightmare as bitter reality.

Harvilas Meena

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