Is Blogging Business a Profitable Business in 2019?

It was only two years ago when blogging was taken as a profitable business and everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was probably real but not permanent. With the launch of the blog after each other, the Internet area now appears to be a more populated location with trillions of Trip websites, which is not doing well for the world (at least not ethically). Ways of smart earning has been a constant supporter of making money online by choosing blogging as a major career, but with 2019, things take a new turn!

Blogging Business
Blogging Business

Let’s discuss some reasons to ask about the future of blogging in 2019!

Google Humming Bird – A Lock Between Success

Google has been keen on the future of blogging and the money generated through content sharing. By limiting its scope to ensure quality, Google releases its new strategy to evaluate live blogs for its content, sight, audience, and affiliate marketing. Now it is that blogging appears to be a real tough business where a potential blogger needs to reconsider its decision after reading about the new strategies Google launches.

Blogging Optional-Enough Enough!

Each of us does not have enough patience to wait and wait for the payment. Blogging can be conceived especially in the first six months. People are now quite useful to find out their options. For example, you can go for fiverr, freelancing, and things that brings instant cash in the return of measured input. This is a safe game with a fair deal.

Tremendous competition in the market

There are people who have specific skills in SEO and thick and thin blogging, but one of the main obstacles in their success is already creating high competition in the blogsphere. Planning to start a blog on social media? We have mashable for it. Thinking of starting a tech based blog? How do you compete with TechCrunch and Techradar? In short, there is a bigger and better blog available in each blog.

Therefore, the answer to this question is that in 2014 a profitable business blogging is partly yes, and partly no one! If you are smart enough to deal with small technicians related to blogging careers, you can still do anything to it.

Wish you all the careers you choose for yourself.

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Harvilas Meena

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