Ken Langone – A Rich Man Who Belongs to a Poor Family!

There are some people who are fully responsible for changing their lives and are now known for their super hit business strategies all over the world. One of the heroes of the finance industry is Ken Langone, which can be taken as an example for people who have undergone a difficult childhood.

Ken Langone
Ken Langone

Early life

Ken Langone was born in 1935 and is now one of the most famous and successful American businessmen and investors who are best known for their coaching in the Home Depot. According to Forbes magazine, he now has a net worth of $ 2 million. He was born in the home of parents of a working class in Employment Heights, New York. Both of their parents were really working hard with their father and their mother was a cafeteria waitress, so it is clear that they have seen many difficulties in their life compared to most people.

Trip to success

He studied with Bacchan University and after that he had to go for various blue collar jobs which was the reason for his soul. He was also a butcher’s assistant, a caddy and a digger. When he was at his university, he became a member of Sigma’s brotherhood and after graduation, he went back to New York, and this time his destiny was in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn, where he changed the night to New York University Stern School of Business During the day while working at full places.

After graduating from the New York City Stern School of Business, he started his own business career, and after some time he was able to establish a deal for Ross Petrott’s company Electronic Data Systems. He made his own experience in time and years and studied the home improvement business as well as took him to his home improvement chain called Elephant Dan. But even after all these calamities, he has not forgotten where he is coming from and because of the fact that he has acquired more than $ 150 million in many donations, of which his main focus is on many universities, medical The research and training center was educational, the places they were and their main purpose was to help the children in all possible ways.

Service of humanity

He gets the money from the Home Depot, he uses it to manage a charitable organization called Kenn’s Kids. The main focus of this donation is to give job training and employment to the young people and help them to pass through difficult times, even with the handicapped people are provided with facilities. He takes care of the entire place himself, which gives millions of dollars for the fans.

Their life is full of inspiration and for those who really want to progress, for them, it is a classic example of how to serve humanity in the real world!

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