Media.Net: New Yahoo! Bing alternatives for Google AdSense

Nowadays, the most common way to make money from your website is to have PPC ads (pay per click advertising). Whenever the ad is clicked, advertisers pay the appropriate amount to the publisher. But who should use a PPC advertising model? Google AdSense is the most popular PPC advertising model and even if this is the best choice for PPC advertising, some of you may not be comfortable with your policies. So, today we’ll send you AdSense i.e. Want to present with a new option of, which is a Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Advertising Programs.

Yahoo! The Bing Network is a combined advertising market, made up of Yahoo!, Bing, and syndicated partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC, and Viacom, as well as networks like Wall Street Journal Digital Network. With ongoing platform enhancements and strategic account teams, it provides visibility and additional insights to viewers to connect with viewers. Yahoo! Bing Advertising Network is a self-service platform for creating and customizing ad units that show relevant text ads, which include sponsored links and advertising topics from Yahoo! Bing Network Since this is a relevant advertising network, users will see ads based on context of the page, i.e. if your page is about reference books, then relevant ads will be displayed only for books. is an invitation only program, i.e. an invite must be requested before registration. This is because they give detailed attention to the publishers (both large and small), and after analysis they provide highly customized solutions based on individual publisher requirements. However, your page must have quality content to receive invitations. However, the size of the blog does not matter when it is approved, because it can be small or big, but it should have good content. Here are some key features of the Advertising Program:

 Contextual Advertising: Only relevant ads are displayed for the page.

 High Yield: Excessive revenue by displaying highly relevant quality ads.

 Easy and Comfort: Advertising is easy to display, all you have to do is choose the ad size and paste the provided HTML code on your website.

Publishers focused on Publishers: As mentioned earlier, the media advertising program is designed for publishers with quality content only, so if you have quality content, then your earnings are maximized, as it generates more advertising dollars Will be

 Top brands: The world’s leading brands advertise on your page.

 100% Fill Rate

Advertisement Advertisement Large Advertiser Pool: No matter how wide or specific your content is, Yahoo! extensive! Bing Network is the perfect advertiser for your content.

 Mobile Advertising: With mobile detection technology, mobile ads are displayed when smartphone is detected, this feature enables you to make some extra revenue.

 Optimization: A variety of ad optimization options are available e.g. Size, color, etc. There is also a skin gallery and users can define their color platelets. According to the look-and-feel of the site, self-service platform ad units can be used immediately and can be fully adapted.

 Strong targeting: Auto-learning algorithms match every individual page on your website with the most relevant advertisers.

 Dynamic optimization: For each page, on an impression-by-impression basis, the system predicts and provides the highest yield option.

 Account Manager: A dedicated account manager (real person) is assigned.

 Actual, personal support: they provide you a great customer support. You can talk to the real person to help you improve performance, optimization and optimization.

Website Approval

To qualify for an invitation, a website should:

 High quality materials and traffic

 There is already a fair amount of visitors using the website

Get the majority traffic from the United States / Canada / United Kingdom

 Take English as primary language Follow Yahoo’s Program Guidelines! Bing Advertising Network

Payment: Yahoo! Bing Advertising Network offers two payment methods, paypal and wire transfer. The minimum payment limit is $ 100.

So, what are your thoughts on this relatively new advertising network? Can it sometimes replace the degraded Google AdSense, or will it just become history like many others? Leave your opinion in the comments section below. Best wishes.

Harvilas Meena

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