5 Worst Money Laundering Case Ever Seen

Money laundering is not a new way of financial crime, but its intensity is always different in terms of the power of the victim and the master’s brain talent. If you are looking for the most serious money laundering cases ever seen, then most of the 5 most popular are here. have a look!

Money Laundering Case
Money Laundering Case

1) Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha had a half decade rule from 1993-1998, although he managed to make the fortune of his life during this five year period. They deposited enough money which no one could see. He managed to transfer the Nigerian National Fund to foreign accounts up to $ 8 billion Transparency International was labeled as the fourth most corrupt leader in recent history. He is known to rob 10% of Nigeria’s total income, though $ 2 billion was able to get out of the total money stolen from his pocket in every way.

2) Al Capone

Money is known as Lord Lord of londering and inventor in many ways to transfer money illegally. He was most well known about America’s mobsters. He managed to loot money with $ 1 billion alone money and was never supposed to stop for his misdeeds. They used the laundry business as the means of illegal activities, and thus it is a myth or reality that the word ‘money laundering’ can originate on this path.

3) Mayer Lansky

Polished-born Mobster was Al Capone’s counterpart and after all the confinement of his counter, all this did not happen, he realized that the security of money should be concealed in a safe place. It is believed that they acquired Swiss banks and Hong Kong business from their casino empire to $ 1 billion or more, making them millions more every day.

4) Ferdinand Marcos

He was the president of the Philippines and the former lawyer, though he was not remembered in history, but for his money laundering, he did for billions of dollars. It has been speculated that the US and Switzerland ban before facing a massive operation called “Operation Big Bird” specifically against its atrocities and fraud for overthrowing them with the powers of abuse from 1965-1986. Launched around $ 10 billion or more in accounts.

5) President Suharto

Indonesia’s President and world’s prince or money laundering. It would not be wrong to say that they have accumulated money for him and his family more wrongly than their lifetime expenses. After the presidential ship starting from 1967, he was forced to resign in 1998. His net worth in Asia magazine was declared approximately $ 15 billion. He died at the age of 86, without facing the trial due to his advancing age.

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