10 Reasons Why You Should Not Go to Bangkok

Bangkok, the city that never sleeps. Yes! The capital of Thailand is famous for its nightlife and many other attractions and attractions. But sometimes while sleeping, some people can also be taken as a negative factor that usually wants to break during the party. In the case of Bangkok’s lifestyle and travel guides for Bangkok, this is also the case with other general activities. Things completely distracted to go to Bangkok are listed below!

Bangkok in Thailand-You Should Not Go to Bangkok
Bangkok in Thailand-You Should Not Go to Bangkok
  1. The life of the wild night

For all those party animals, it’s something that becomes eye catching. Knight Life of Bangkok is famous for its wild and vibrant colors, with no acquaintance with rules or boundaries. So if you do not want to join the dark side of Bangkok’s wild nights, then avoid going to a better place.

  1. Dirty roads

Undoubtedly, Bangkok has been one of the favorite tourist attractions. But when it comes to maintenance of roads and roads, you definitely blame themselves for traveling through them. The tourists mostly complain about shocks and jerked streets in Bangkok.

  1. Ambiguous environment

Speaking of Thailand, rarely used with issues of cleanliness. But in recent years this trend is decreasing. You can easily find a large herd of garbage and easily find a dirty weather. The environmental issue has become so big that it has badly affected Bangkok’s tourism industry.

  1. There is no good place to travel

It was the day when Bangkok was considered as an attraction of some extraordinary tourists. Visitors were excited to find new places and roam around. If you feel that the situation is as outlined, you are living in a paradise of idiots.

  1. Thai girls

Be careful! If you are traveling to Bangkok, you can easily get caught by Thai girls. It can only start with a meeting and can end with a marriage. But these marriages do not last long after the demand and strict nature of Thai girls. You can easily get caught by your clever beauties but can also be broken in the future.

  1. Racism

One very serious issue about Bangkok is its racism. Your face, color, or language will not take you a minute or two to judge. Depending on the moment you are in relation to it, you can treat it very quickly and in a very troubled way at a moment.

  1. Traffic

Travel from one place to another in Bangkok is not a rose bed. The traffic on Bangkok streets is crazy. Either you choose hours or hours of travel time, you want to face trouble. Bus drivers are mostly harsh and occasionally drive their worst drives.

  1. Informal bus closes

You can never view official or unofficial bus stops in Bangkok. Some informal bus stops are themselves publicly formed and it is so sudden that the life of pedestrians lives on the strike. Therefore, Bangkok is considered to be a negative point during sighting or not.

  1. Bad weather

Another important factor in reducing the intent of visitors to Bangkok is its thick and harsh climate. There are individually and indefinite seasons which primarily affect the Bangkok tourism industry.

  1. Backpackers

Backpackers have become so commonplace in downtown and there exists such a large number that it is now difficult to deal with them easily. You just get upset and sometimes turn off your mood.

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