You Can Recycle 25 Things To Make Money

Do you think it is expensive to beat? What if I tell you that you can earn money by making the environment better. Have you ever thought that things around you are lying and can be recycled to make money? Almost everything can be recycle to make money in your home like clothes, newspapers, books, foods, utensils.

You Can Recycle 25 Things To Make Money
You Can Recycle 25 Things To Make Money

Recycling is good for the environment. There are many recycling services and websites where you can trade these items to make cash.

I have shocked a list of 25 things you can recycle and make money with anyone.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Recycle Newspaper, Books and Magazines

The first thing is that we can recycle all the recycled newsletters, books, magazines and other stationery and earn money.

You can collect all these things and sell it in the junk shop around you. If you have two to three newspapers, half a dozen magazines subscribe and a huge collection of books, then you can earn enough money.

According to my experience, TOI is one of the newspapers which can earn you at least 60% of the price. So the money is really good.

  1. Recycle bottled water

We all use bottled water to drink in at least the cities. Today, hardly anyone uses tap water for drinking. If your family consume at least 4 to 6 bottles, you can be 350 to 300 for one month.

You can return these bottles to the dealer and earn some money or when you buy new, the dealer will give concession.

  1. Garbage recycling for making artifacts

A house produces lots of garbage every day. If you are quite smart you can turn this garbage into money.

Non-organic waste such as paper, plastic, etc. can be used to create artifacts. Just like you can use China to make some type of artifact and you can sell it too.

  1. Recycle clothes, shoes etc.

We have cloth piles in our closet, which we do not want to use. Every year we buy new clothes, what do we do with the old people?

Well you can wear all these clothes to make designer clothes and sell it on eBay or Amazon. You can auction it and earn money.

Similarly, you can do the same with shoes. Visit

  1. Human Hair Recycle

Now, it can surprise you. You can sell your hair and earn money with it.

If you are a woman then you can sell your hair to wig makers and hair extensions companies. Depending on the length and quality of hair you can be paid from $ 200 to $ 1000.

Find eBay or Craigslist to find these companies.

  1. Recycle Printers Cartridge

Some ink cartridges can be sold back and you can earn some money with it. If you print thousands of paper per day in your office then those cartridges can be used.

There are many websites online that are ready to accept used cartridge and pay you back with some extra cash. Visit

  1. Recycle motorbike and car tires

We all have tires in our garage with motorcycles and cars. Tire companies need tires used.

Although you could not sell these tires directly to the companies, but you could see the garage shop near you. They would be willing to take the used tires and give you some money.


  1. Recycle Home Furniture

The furniture is made especially of wood. Each house has broken a table or chair made of wood or iron.

You can assemble your broken chair and sell it in the auction. This can be a great way to earn some money.

Never throw your broken furniture down.

  1. Recycle Game Discs, CDs and DVD Cases

We play games, music CDs, movie dvds etc. Over the years, we collect many discs and CDs and there is no way to use them.

You sell all these things in a junk shop and earn hundreds of rupees. If you have a CD of movies and popular albums, then you make more. Visit

  1. Recycle wool inside the sofa and mattress

Sofas, mattresses and bed sheets have lots of wool or cotton. If you have a sofa or mattress that has been separated, you can hollow cotton inside it and make pillows and other accessories with it.

  1. Recycle All Your Gift Cards

You receive greeting cards on different occasions every year. Many people gather and make their living room a string of cards.

However, if you are quite intelligent you can come up with some great paper work called Orgami. You can sell your artifacts and earn some money.

  1. Recycle Cooking Oil Canister

Cooking oil scissors or containers are also the easiest way to earn money without doing anything. Every week or month you collect canister oil or other types of containers.

Instead of settling them, you can sell it and earn some money based on the weight and quality of these containers.

  1. Recycle fluorescent light bulb

Used or mixed fluorescent light bulbs can be repaired and sold in half of its original price. If you know about repairing a light bulb, you can earn some money by selling it at a lower price.


  1. Recycle aerosol container like coke and pepsi can, bottle of perfume

We consume coke, pepsi and other beverages on a daily basis. Rather than throwing these bins, you can use it to earn some money.

Junk shops require a blank box of beverages and they are ready to pay a good amount for one. So you can sell them directly.

Otherwise you make some of these compartments and sell them as artifacts. However, for that you have to be an artist because many people are doing it and making money with it.

  1. Recycle old cell phones

Every six months I need a new mobile phone and I stop using my old one. In the last few years, I have gathered dozens of them and I do not know what to do with them.

Well you can sell them and earn some money or you can reuse some of your parts. Even you can sell your batteries in a mobile shop and earn some money with it.

  1. Recycle Children’s Toys

If you have one or two toddlers then you will store the house. Certainly there will be toys that are no longer in use.

Do not dispose or remove these toys. You can resell these toys through an auction on eBay or Craigslist.

You can always get the best deals for your used toys. There are many other accessories like toys that you can think of earning money.

  1. Recycle Rotten Food and Animal Fertilizer

Do you know that your rotten food, pet manure and other organic ingredients can be fermented and prepared in organic fertilizers?

You can also call it manure which can be used to increase soil fertility. You can sell this product in the market and earn money with it.

Although this is a little dirty work but you can not earn anything. Visit

  1. Recycle Bottle Cork

There is nothing except bottle cork cork of a bottle of wine. If you drink alcohol you can collect the cork at the top of the bottle.

These corks can be used in making many beautiful accessories because they are made of wood. Apart from this, some wine makers require these cork so that you can sell them.

  1. Recycle aluminum foil and gift wrap

You can reuse aluminum foil and make gift wrap. Aluminum foil is used to cook food and things with cooking.

Rather than throwing these foils, you can wrap them gifts and start selling them. There are many other artifacts that you can do with aluminum foil.

  1. Recycle Cosmetic Packaging

Ladies have used a lot of cosmetic products for their skin, hair, nails and so on. You should never dispose of used tubes, bottles and other containers.

You can resell them to companies because they need to be recycled. You can contact your local drug store and ask more about it.

  1. Recycle Battery

The battery can be recycled like other materials. Never dispose of batteries because they contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment.

So if you have used the battery, you can collect it and sell the junk dealer near you and make some cash.

  1. Recycle electronic parts of TV, fridge, washing machine etc.

Like batteries, you can also recycle electronic parts of TV, refrigerator, washing machine to make other electronic devices.

Small electronic shops or TV and electronic repair shops need to use electronic parts. You can sell them and earn money with it.


  1. Recycle Medicines Foil

Another thing that you can recycle and sell is the drug foil. Medical files are usually made of aluminum. You can collect these aluminum sheets and make some nice and beautiful.


  1. Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic has become a great environmental threat. Rather than throwing it here and there, we collect it

E-market for high price Even dog fur is also very precious. You can do it very easily because you do not need anything extra. So these were some things that you could recycle and make money. They are all within the reach of a common man except one or two. Yes, start recycling and earn some money with it.


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