WorkTrends Rack: The Mood Elevator

According to Larry Sen, according to Larry Sen, author of “The Mood Lift: Le Lester of Your Fellings, Be Better You” and the author of “Undisputed Father of Corporate Culture”, many years ago, his doctoral dissertation was the first study of the corporate culture. During the recent #WorkTrends event, our guest host Sean Murphy asked Larry why the mood matters, and how the leader can really lead major cultural change.

Leaders’ mood mater

The central discovery of Larry’s research was that the organization became the shadow of its leaders. “Anyone who is a parent or leader has a big responsibility to be shown every day.”

WorkTrends Rack: The Mood Elevator
WorkTrends Rack: The Mood Elevator

In other words, if the owner comes into the room in a bad mood, then he can sink the meeting – fast.


Stay on top of mood lift

Larry explains that we all ride “Mood lift” every day. There are positive traits such as gratitude, resource, curiosity and purpose at the top. Below is depression. There are various moods in between that attack us all day.


His work has focused on focusing on helping people to limit their losses to the top of their time, at the top of the mood lift, and when they are feeling.


“Have you ever said something to a loved one that you want to take you back? Have you ever written an email that you should not have written? Well, I guarantee that you are on the mood lift, midpoint Below, were at the lower level, “he says.


When we learn to spend more time at the upper level, and while living at the lower level less harm to ourselves and others, we can get better life, better relationships, better marriage – the list is continuing.


In other words: “Control your emotions and be better,” he says.

Real word examples: how organizations shape mood lift for culture

Larry co-founded the culture-shaping firm Senn Delaney, who uses concepts like mood lift to improve corporate culture. He points to several instances of organizations which are at the top of his game because of those simple concepts.


“We have a hospital with the highest patient satisfaction and highest engagement score in the US, with a mood lift in the nursing station, they have a 6-foot wall. Nurses put their tongue on the place where they come,” they it is said.

Another example he shares: “Victoria’s Secret is the world’s most famous retailer, you go to the back room of Victoria’s secret store and they have got a mood lift on their wall. This is a very practical thing. This is one of the many things in San Delanya that we teach, but it is a powerful concept and tool in life. ”


The goal for curiosity, no judgments

If you are looking for an easy way to refrigerate your mood, then try this quick twitch with major results: the goal for curiosity, not the decision.


Larry says, “Suppose you know that someone does something that you do not like or you do not understand.” “You have a choice: you can decide, you can go to anger, or you can go and ask, ‘Hu? I wonder how they see it?'”


“We make things and we make these stories in our heads, and we are capable of doing a great team, they believe in positive intentions. They believe that everyone in the team really wants to get a good result. They can have different ways of doing them, they can not agree with them, but do not believe that they have negative intentions. Start with the notion of positive intentions and this Ankr be curious to see it at me like that. ”


Another way to think about curiosity versus curiosity: Work towards “development mentality”. Larry points to Carol Dwyck, who provides some fascinating work in the field of development mentality in his book “Mindset”. She says that people have either a fixed mindset or a development mentality.


“Today, more than any other time in history, we need the mentality of development to create agility and innovation among organizations,” he says. “The essence of development mentality is living in curiosity – it is not good to know, to ask questions, not experts, but to think about things.”


Larry says, “If you can lead a life in curiosity with the decision, then you will have a completely different life.”

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